ROOM 6, TERM 4, 2023


Oral Language: Listening, Speaking & Questioning skills

Phonological Awareness: Transferring knowledge of sounds into reading and writing

Writing:     I see, I think I wonder ...       Descriptions            Recounts  

Reading:  Shared Big books       Guided texts Fiction and Non-Fiction

Library Day: Friday



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Athletics Swimming

Literacy     Inquiry   Christmas




Temporary and Permanent Change

Room 6 Term 4 2023 Notice

Dear Room 6 Families,

This notice outlines homework requirements and testing. 

Homework: Your child will continue to do reading, the weekly poem for homework and you can choose to do any websites related to Literacy and Maths. More students are nearing the end of Homework Book.1. and shortly will begin Homework Book.2. Please make sure you keep Homework Book.1. in a SAFE place at home so you can refer to it whenever necessary to practise Early Words (reading and spelling these words) printing letters and numbers correctly, practise learning any spelling words using the ‘Spello’ list of activities. Also use the 100s number chart and list of suggested Maths practise activities (Basic Facts. etc).

Testing: Some children will be retested on alphabet sounds and names and Early Word Lists 1 and List 2. A few children are due to receive their After 40 weeks or 80 weeks Anniversary report or 60 week Progress Statement Report. So I will test these children in the first two weeks of the term. 


Homework book:  On Monday your child is given his/her Homework book to take home. Your child brings it back to school on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Friday is marking day and the book remains at school. On Friday, the next week’s Poem and Fortnightly Homework Grid is glued into this book. Please check that your child has the Homework book in his/her book bag on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I would appreciate you overseeing your child practising printing the lower case and upper case/capital letters of the alphabet and numbers 0 to 20 (21 onwards=optional) in their Homework book. I have noticed quite a lot of children are reversing numbers, in particular. 

Thank you for your continued support and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries or concerns. 

Christine Shadbolt