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Term 3

What a busy term we have had so far! Everyone has been busy writing speeches with topics ranging from electric vehicles to weird and wonderful occupations.

All students are to be congratulated for the time and effort they have put into researching, writing, practising and presenting their speeches to the class.  Being able to present confidently in front of a crowd is an important life skill.  Congratulations to Stella Buckingham, Keira Munster, Elmer Ing, Hope Beet and Tamati Ritete who made it through to the syndicate finals which were held on the 15 August.

We have just finished our Science rotation with many students having the choice of creating scientific drawings, taking photos, creating videos and wallcharts.  Over the next week or so the best will be judged.

In the second part of this term our focus will be on persuasive writing and when applicable we will integrate our inquiry based around Street Art.  As this inquiry evolves it will be interesting to see how each students opinion will change or stay the same.

As I am sure you are aware we are about to present our school production 'A Lesson in time.  Many of the students in Room 19 are apart of this and are still able to keep up with what they are doing in class.  They are to be commended for this.

Finally, I hope everyone is looking forward to a positive rest of the term.  It is hard to believe that our clocks will be springing forward in 5 weeks time!

Ka kite

Paula McMullen