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Term 2

What a busy term so far!  We have now finished all the necessary information gathering and I am now getting to know all the students in the class!

We are now in the habit of going to Tech at Hamilton Junior High School and are enjoying all the opportunities offered there and some have now taken home a piece of artwork and food!

This term some students have benefited from starting the various leadership courses made available to them.  They are also getting used to getting to know different people in their classes.

As readers they are all getting into the habit of reading regularly in class and writing about topics they are interested in.  This level of independence and initiative is important especially as some are heading to high school next year.

We have finally finished some creative learning in maths using BEDMAS and also presenting their names. (See the attached photos)

Realistic portraits are still a work in progress but some will be uploaded later in the term.

As the term progresses we would like to add some student writing so watch this space!