Te Rapa Primary School offers students a very good optional Kapa haka programme. Students from Year 3 to Year 8 are encouraged to join, where they learn traditional and contemporary Maori and Pasifika song and dance items. We have 3 sessions - Junior, Senior and a Performance.

Our tutor is Penny Grey who is of Nuie Island descent.

During Kapa haka this year, the students are learning a variety of himene (hymns), waiata (songs), waiata-a-ringa (action songs), mau rakau, poi and haka and Pasifika dances. They enjoy performing some of the items they learn at Whole School assemblies. All three groups will do a full performance for their whanau (extended family) in Term 4. Our Performance group perform at the Waikato Full Primary Schools Kapa haka Festival. 

We endeavour to make it fun and provide students with a sound base that will enthuse them to take it as a standalone subject in the future, or simply have enough knowledge and confidence to travel overseas and proudly and comfortably share a selection of songs and dances with people from distant shores.