Te Rapa Primary School are traditionally among the top Full Primary Schools in the Waikato, King Country and Thames Valley in terms of Athletics. 

All staff are trained to teach athletic skills and we offer a comprehensive run, jump, throw programme throughout the whole school. 

The junior area of the school focus on basic techniques and the programme becomes more and more specific as they progress up the school. 

Athletics is taught in Term 4 and is lots of fun for students. 

Syndicate Athletics Sports Days are scheduled for the middle of the fourth term, to which parents and family members are invited to attend. 

Students who excel in specific areas of athletics are selected and given the chance to compete against either schools from in and around Hamilton North West Competition for our Year 4 – 6 students, or when they reach the Year 7/8 level of the school, against schools from all over the Waikato, King Country and Thames Valley in the Whole Full Primary School Competition.  These inter-school athletics championships are held annually at Southwell School or Hamilton's Porritt Stadium, and our students regularly compete with distinction.