The Student Councillors attended the National Young Leaders Day at Claudelands. The theme for the day was ‘Resilience’.  All the guest speakers have shown resilience after facing challenges, setbacks or tough times.  The speakers inspired the students to be ready to take on challenges and continue to develop as leaders of the future.

The speakers this year included: 

William Pike who lost a leg after being trapped in a volcanic eruption. 

Yahyah, a musician who chatted about her story and then performed at the end of the day.  

Te Kahukura Boynton, a successful young entrepreneur.

Brooke Neal, a Black Stick olympian who described herself as a baby giraffe who grew into a Black Stick. 

Nate Wilbourne, a conservation and Climate Change Advocate and founder of Gen-Z Aotearoa.

Klaksy, a young artist who shared his story and challenged our thinking.

 Some of the key messages that came from the day were: