Over the past few weeks we have been learning about coding.

We used the grid between the DMC and Room 4 to create codes to move our 'kidbot' from one place to another.  If our code didn't work, we had to de-bug it (fix the problem) and try again.

We used the Beebots on the mats, again having to talk in our group and work out a solution if our code didn't work.

Then we created our own tracks for the Beebots before writing our code. From using the mats we knew about how far a Beebot moves each time.  This helped us when writing our code.  Again if the programming didn't work, we had to change our code and try again... and again.  

Among many others, we have used Maths, communicating, negotiating, problem solving, thinking, and collaborating skills!


After our visits to the Life Education caravan we followed a video on how to create a giraffe using our hand.  We coloured these with crayon, then added trees, leaves and clouds to the background before dying the sky.

Check us out enjoying our Anzac biscuits!

We all made our own biscuit using a 'one biscuit' recipe.

We visited the Life Education caravan to learn 'What do we need to know about the food we eat?'  Amy taught us about how food passes through our bodies and some of the super foods that feed our body. Everyone learned some BIG words like oesophagus and intestines!  We loved how the lights changed colour in the room and the stars that appeared on the ceiling.  They were very cool!  

The big photo shows us with Harold the Giraffe.

We are really looking forward to our second visit next week.