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Highlighting the events and sucesses of our students

Sports Camp 2019

Posted on 20 June 2019

On Monday 10th June, our Sports Camp team left for Totara Springs, Matamata to compete in the “2019 Combined Intermediate Sports Camp Competition.”

38 Year 7/8 students were selected for this team. Students were committed to training before school, interval and during their lunchtimes. As the weeks went on, trainings became more intense, particularly when it came to learning our Cheer. It was fantastic to see the effort that our students put into the lead up to Sports Camp.

From the time we hopped off the bus, finding our accommodation within the venue and having a tour of the grounds, it was pretty full on for our students. Nothing but a week of playing sports!!

Sporting Codes included: Rugby, Athletics, Cheer Night, Hockey, Netball, Soccer, Softball, Totara Tag, Swimming, Touch Rugby, Volleyball, Indoor Bowls, Cage Soccer, Croquet, Cross Country, Darts, Human Fooseball, Indoor Hockey, Indoor Soccer, Petanque, Scramball, Table Tennis, Tennis, Team Triathlon, Wallball, Archery, Shooting, Chess, Draughts, Frisbee Golf, Hole in One Golf, Kayaking, Quality Living Quiz & Spikeball.

Te Rapa Primary School ended up making 13 semi finals & 9 finals in the latter part of the week. A massive effort for our school!

On Friday 14th June, prize giving awards were handed out. We were winners in Softball, Boys Volleyball, Girls Table Tennis, Cross Country, Cheer Team and were named Overall Winner (the first time since Mr Su’a had begun taking the team in 2012).

We were runners up in Girls Basketball, Netball, Rugby, Touch, Rugby, Girls Volleyball, Wallball, Archery, Hole in One Golf and Swimming.

A huge thank you to all our student athletes who gave it everything that they had, particularly when it came to the play off rounds. You guys supported each other and were committed to always giving it your best!

The team would also like to give a massive shout out to our parent helpers who supported, encouraged, managed and coached the 2019 Sports Camp team throughout the entire week.

Thank you to Luana Wickliffe, Abbe Gulbransen, Ivy Morrison, Rebecca Guy, Andrew Bailey,

 John Rangitutia, Sam Coleman & Andrew Tuck. 

“It was very exciting! No breaks, just one sport to another. The thing I loved the most about Sports Camp was the food!!”

James France, Year 8

“The sports were non stop! The best thing was being overall winners and the food!”

Monique Austin, Year 8

“I loved being with my friends and playing sports non stop for the week. Making friends from other schools and the food was a big highlight too!”

Hannah Tomlin, Year 8

“The thing I enjoyed the most was non stop sport and the food. I had never seen Spike ball, Wallball, Scramball and it was really interesting playing hockey on grass rather than artificial turf.”

Noah Death, Year 7

“I had never seen Scramball before and I thought that sport was really cool. I also liked indoor soccer - that sport was pretty fast.”

Cooper Bailey, Year 7

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Anzac Ceremony

Posted on 22 May 2019

On Thursday the 25th of April we had the privilege to go to the 10 o’clock ANZAC  ceremony and represented the school by laying a wreath at the cenotaph. We got to watch the marching band and listen to some heartfelt speeches by the Mayor, MPs and the student representative from Fairfield College (Elizabeth Bainbridge), as well as singing the National Anthems for England, Australia and New Zealand. Afterwards, we laid the wreath by the cenotaph and placed our poppies on the dais.

It was such a great honour to be selected to represent Te Rapa at the ceremony. I loved listening to all the speeches. They really made me think about how lucky I am and how brave those soldiers were. Overall, it was a great experience and one that I will cherish forever. -Katelyn

I really enjoyed being selected to lay the wreath with Katelyn and positively representing the school. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I will never forget this memory. - Libby


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Year 5/6 EPro8 Team

Posted on 22 May 2019

Congratulations to our Year five and Six Team of Alex, Vancouver, Dryden and Jack in placing second in the first round of the EPro8 competition.

Following on from our success in previous years, our Y5/6 team move into the semi finals of the EPRo8 Competition after placing 2nd in the first round against 11 other schools.

This is an Inter-School Science and Technology Competition for Y5/6 and Y7/8 students. Our other team which was in the Y7/8 competition placed 7th in the first round facing some tough competition and unfortunately does not advance any further.

The teams had 2 ½ hours to complete as many challenges as they could. Points are accumulated through the challenges which are displayed on a scoreboard throughout the competition. Being able to see where the students are placed adds to the pressure.

Both of our teams worked really well together and completed some very difficult challenges.

We are all incredibly proud of the students' efforts and achievement.  Go Te Rapa!!!!!


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Tops Schools 2019

Posted on 9 May 2019

Sunday 7th April was a beautiful day for 12 of our Year 7/8 students to represent our school in the annual “Top Schools Competition” hosted by Te Kowahi school.

Students met up at 8:30am at the venue and spent time getting to know the rules and the setup of the games.

20 schools enter the event (10 Year 5/ 6 teams and 10 Year 7/ 8 teams). The competition is based on the old “Top Town” regional events that use to be aired on TV during the 80s & 90s.

Teams compete in 10 events with 12 minutes to complete various tasks for each game. They are all very different and points can be accumulated by:

  • How much water can be filled up in a certain type of container.

  • How much distance can be made.

  • How many objects can be caught in the time given.

  • Sportsmanship & fairplay attitude

  • Working as a team.

Te Rapa Primary School continued their winning ways by being Top Schools Champions for 2019.

It was fantastic to see our student athletes show positive teamwork, willingness to give every their best and to exceed the challenges set before them. It was amazing day for them!!

Top Schools has been running for the past 14 years and Te Rapa Primary School has now won it or the 11th time. A massive accomplishment for all students in our school, past and present, who have competed in this wonderful event.

Thank you to all our families, staff, ex-students and friends of Te Rapa Primary School who came out to support us for the day. 

"The Wipeout event was my favourite because there was lots of laughter, falling over and getting soaked!!"


"I liked Wheelie Slippery because you had to go through lots of obstacles!"


"I loved the whole event because it was fun and competitive!"


"Catching Flies was great because it was easy and fun!"


"I loved the event where you had to keep as many footballs on a wheelbarrow while going through an obstacle course!"


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