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Yet again Te Rapa Primary students make a name for themselves on the stage. Week 10 of Term 3 the students at Te Rapa Primary took to the stage at the Clarence St Theatre as they do every second year.

‘The Bigger Picture’ was written and directed by Head of Arts Abby Ritete and hugely supported by Mr Mike McCurry. This show captured its audience, young and old and has been a work in progress since January this year.

The is a story about diversity. The Bigger Picture is a variety show where a group of primary aged students share their ideas about how people live their lives so differently. Just because life is different and can challenge us or make us feel uncomfortable, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong or right...it's just different...

They discuss things from age to body differences, having money and not. They also encounter living in a different world where monsters and magic exist.

Diversity may be the hardest thing for a society to live with and perhaps the most dangerous thing for it to be without.

Thank you to everyone who has worked on ‘The Bigger Picture’. With the support of our staff, families and friends of the school we are able to give the students at Te Rapa amazing experiences like this.