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What is happening in 2018

2022 Term 3

Why is it important to learn about 'The Arts'?

It helps us to make sense of our own lives and identify with the lives of others. It is also increasingly recognized as a driver of the innovative thinking needed to solve our world's most pressing problems. Learning and practicing art, and tapping into your creativity, can make you better at whatever you do.

Upcoming Performances for Term 3

1.  Strike Percussion Group Week 2 

 Tuesday 2nd August 

Strike to Schools concert is a high energy 45 minute show drawing on style from around the world to introduce a wide range of modern percussion.

 2. NZ Playhouse The Emperor's New Clothes Week 4 

Tuesday 16th August  

Featuring more singing and dancing than ever before, this hilarious and interactive adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson’s classic folktale will have your students (and teachers) laughing and thinking about the value of having the courage of one’s convictions and speaking truth to power.

 3.  Fiona & Co Musical Theatre Performance Week 7 

Wednesday 7th September