Te Rapa Primary

Te Rapa Primary School

Room 18

Term 2 2020                                                     

Ms. MacKenzie


Drink bottles

Stationery - Please make sure you have everything required for learning; including glue stick, ruler, black, blue and red pens, scissors, eraser(s), pencil sharpener.

Books - Please try to get a small notebook for your Math and Literacy Enrichment

Spare change of clothes for outdoor, grubby play!

Tech Arts - Thursday Year 8s leave at 8:45 so they need to be at school by 8:30. 


WEEK 2-3 (7-8)


SAMOAN LANGUAGE During the week we have been researching to learn about Samoan Culture and Language.  Check out some of the fun clips we watched as a class...

Body Parts   Counting to 10   Greetings

H.E.A.R.T - HONESTY: Our definition is below.  We all contributed to this using our map of ideas.  We then talked about describing it by using the questions in a template.  We will complete our own using our ideas and experiences.

This is how we will describe it...


1. Tally Charts: Workshop shared in Classroom. 

2. Statistical Investigation: We brainstormed some ideas and chose a question we wanted answered by the class to gather data. We created our surveys using Google Forms. 

INQUIRY - ELECTRICITY: We started our Term 2 inquiry about Electricity.  We each have our own choice board with "must do" tasks.  We are to create our own Slideshow or Google Doc to present our work.

OUR ENVIRONMENT: We re-capped what we wanted our environment to be like.  It's all about it being a safe place for us regarding our wellbeing and learning.

S.M.A.R.T GOAL SETTING AND REFLECTING:  Goal setting and reflecting is a very important part of our learning.  We need to make sure we know what our next steps are and set them as our goals to achieve.  We are going to set small daily goals and also look at our assessment results to set goals for the year. The link will show you how we do that.

READING: Our reading is being done through the Research in our inquiry at the moment.  The Reading strategies we are using are: Activating Prior Knowledge, Inferring, Self-monitoring, Making connections, summarising, Questioning, and Skimming and Scanning. 

WRITING: Ms. MacKenzie wanted to see how much we remember about writing since we had a big break from it during Lock-down. This information will help us set our yearly goals.  We have also started looking at sentences and figurative language features to help us write recounts next week.

What does Te Rapa H.E.A.R.T. mean to me?  We have started making posters that show everyone what Honesty, Excellence, Aroha, Respect and Team Work means to us as individuals. We can use our poster to remind us if we forget.

Term 2 Duties & Roles