Te Rapa Primary

Te Rapa Primary School

Room 18

Term 2 2020                                                     

Ms Mackenzie

What we have learned this term:

So far since Room 18 has returned to school we have learned about:

NZ music month: We have had a choice board of different activities we can choose from to form a presentation to showcase our work and to learn about NZ music cultures.

Honesty: We have been defining honesty and what it means to us, we have also been learning about integrity.

Art: We have been creating posters of what covid 19 means to us and what we have been doing and thinking during the lockdown. We have also been designing puzzle pieces to go up on our wall.

Covid-19: We have been looking at a slideshow informing us how to stay safe and hygienic during level 2.

Math: Math starts in week 8.


  • Tech Arts - Year 8s leave at 8:45 so they need to be at school by 8:30.
  • Sports Camp is canceled!