Te Rapa Primary

Te Rapa Primary School


 During the term the classes will cover the following Strands: Algebra,  Measurement and Geometry. Homework will differ from class to class; in order to focus on the needs of the students.


 Students will focus on developing complex sentence structures and paragraphing.  Writing will also be integrated into our ‘Science’ inquiry, with informational reports and explanations with a point of view shared. 


 Researching and using keywords to locate relevant information will be the initial focus.  The skills of inference and reorganisation will also be covered during the term.


 Through the curriculum area of Science, our Inquiry focus will be:   

The Living World - How do living things survive in an ever changing world?  Underlying Concept: Survival of  species is dependent on creating sustainable environments. 

Context: Ecology and Evolution.

 Physical Education and Health  

The term will see the students involved in developing knowledge and skills linked to a range of winter sports.  There will also be a focus on students developing their skills in preparation for Sports Camp later in the term.


 A range of activities to develop skills using Google Docs, Slides, Sheets and Forms within our classroom programmes. All classes are using technology as a tool to assist our learning on a daily basis. We will also continue to use our eportfolios to share our learning. 




 Each fortnight, a different aspect of H.E.A.R.T will be the focus.  One student, from each class, will receive the class award at the end of each fortnight.  We will begin the term with Honesty and finish off with Teamwork.     


 Key Dates for Term 2

 Week 1 - Looking to Lead/PAL’s 

 Week 2 - PALs - House Leaders & Deputies/Young Leaders Day/Teacher Only Day Friday 

 Week 3 - Bully-Free Week/Whanau Hui 

 Week 5 - Full School Assembly 

 Week 6 - Queen’s Birthday Holiday Monday 

 Week 7 - Sports Camp Week 

 Week 8 - Matariki Holiday Friday 

 Week 9 - Tough Guy/Gal 

 Week 10 - Full School Assembly

Term 2 Reminders

 Return all permission/health slips as soon as possible. 

 Review classroom homework requirements and establish this routine for the term. Ensure you have clothing suitable for Physical Education (Shorts for Sports)

 Masks are optional in the classroom now, however they must be worn on the Tech Buses unless your child has an exemption.

 If you have any queries please do not hesitate to  contact me through email, dropping into school or for longer discussions through appointments.

Looking forward to another awesome term with Room 19

Mrs Allen.