Te Rapa Primary

Te Rapa Primary School


Teenaa koutou katoa, and welcome to Term 1! 

Kia hiwa ra 

Kia hiwa ra 

Ko Mataatua te waka 

Ko Putauaki te maunga  

Ko Rangitaiki te awa 

Ko Ngati Awa, Ngati Niue, Ngati Hamoa ngaa iwi  

Ko Te Pahipoto te hapu 

Ko Kokohinau te marae  

Ko O Ruataupare te wharenui  

Ko Raihi Hunia tooku matua 

Ko Nancy Hunia tooku whaea  

Ko Isaako Hunia tooku ingoa 

Noo reira, teenaa koutou, teenaa koutou, teenaa raa tatou kaatoa. 


I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer break, as Term 1 is going to be an exciting and funfilled term!  During the term, we will continue to focus on our Te Rapa H.E.A.R.T values.  The first two weeks will be spent honing our skills around Honesty, with the remaining values: Excellence, Aroha, Respect and Teamwork to follow.

A big welcome to Miss Curtis, who is joining our team from the Year 5 & 6 Syndicate.  She will be taking on the Health and PE Lead Teacher role, along with Sport. We would also like to welcome another experienced teacher to the team; Mr Trafford who has expertise in photography and new technology such as drones.  It is an exciting time with the Year 7 students beginning their time as seniors and Year 8 students, beginning their final year at Te Rapa.  We are looking forward to getting to know all of you during the year and providing an exciting as well as rewarding year of learning. 

Learning plan for Term 1  

Reading - Guided Reading skills: Making connections, asking questions, identifying the main idea.  

Writing -  Revise writing skills and personal recounts. 

Oral Language - This will be incorporated into the Year 8 rotation on a Thursday.  Mr Trafford will be sharing his Toastmasters experience and expertise through ‘Speech Craft’. 

Maaori - Incorporating daily te reo Māori into the classroom. Teaching of te reo, tikanga and history throughout the term. 

Mathematics - Number will be the main focus for Term 1. More specific information will be available from your child's mathematics teacher from Week 2. 

ICT and Digital Technologies - Developing Google skills and discovering our rights and responsibilities as Digital Citizens. 

Inquiry - This term the focus is on ‘How we learn’. This focus will be weaved through all learning areas where the students will use the learning assets to develop their skills of becoming lifelong learners with the ability to transfer these assets to any learning situation.  

The five assets require the students to know when and what they do when: 

-  They are researchers They are thinkers 

-  They are self managers 

-  They are collaborators 

-  They are communicators 

Health and P.E. - Kiwi Swimsafe swimming programme and team building games. 

Science - This will be incorporated as part of the Year 7 students rotation on a Thursday.  Light and Telescopes - Exploring, describing, and representing patterns and trends for everyday examples of physical phenomena, such as light and waves. 

Languages - Spanish Mrs Hoskin will continue to build on her teaching of the Year 8 students' knowledge from last year and introduce the Year 7 students to the Spanish language. 

The Arts - 

Visual Arts - with a focus on I see, I think, I wonder. Developing ‘The Assets’ through art. 

Music - Express and shape musical ideas using instruments by preparing and performing a brief musical performance. This will be incorporated as part of the Year 8 rotation on a Thursday 

Dance/Drama - This will be incorporated as part of the Year 7 rotation on a Thursday. 

Te Rapa HEART - Revising the values that underpin these concepts while continuing to develop the students’ understanding and how these concepts are key to their success not only at school but out in the wider community.

Key Dates:

    • Year 7 and 8 Girls Self Defence Sessions: Monday 22 - Tuesday 2 March
    • House Leaders: Y-L.E.A.D Conference, Friday 5 March
    • Class and Portrait Photos: Wednesday 10 March
    • Full School Assembly: Friday 12 March
    • Year 7 and 8 Syndicate Swimming Sports: Tuesday 16 March
    • WFPS Swimming Sports: St Peters Cambridge, Friday 26 March
    • Immunisations: Tuesday 30 March
    • Teacher Only Day: Thursday 1 April
    • Good Friday: Friday 2 April
    • Parent, Teacher and Student Conferences: Wednesday 14 - Thursday 15 April
    • End of Term / Full School Assembly: Friday 16 April


Please feel free to email me with any questions or queries during the term.

Mr. Isacc Hunia 
Email: ihunia@terapa.school.nz