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Mā te huruhuru ka rere te manu


Malo soifua, and welcome back to Term 4.  I hope that you have all had a relaxing break and were able to spend quality time with family, as well as friends.  As we move into the summer months, we have another busy but exciting term ahead!  Athletics, swimming and Big Day in to name a few.  Outlined below are major learning foci for the term and key dates for syndicate events.

The whakataukii above means "Adorn the bird with feathers so it may soar."  In Room 20, I have watched my kids grow from strength to strength - both mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Whether you are young or old, there’s always room to grow.  Learning a new skill, solving problems, and helping others are just some of the many “feathers” you can wear in order to soar high.  The more strengths you have, the higher you’ll fly!  I feel that my kids have also given me feathers to fly, and have taught me a lot.  Therefore, this is a journey that WE will continue to take until the end of the year.  Mauri ora! 

Mask wearing at school  

Due to Ministry recommendations, masks are optional in the classroom.

Term Four Learning Foci: 

Mathematics - Each class will focus on the following strand: Statistics, and continue to focus on Number e.g. Multiplication and Division.  In order to focus on the needs of the students, homework will differ from class to class. 

Writing - Upon returning from camp, students will focus on recounts and then move onto creating short stories.  They will continue to develop their understanding and knowledge of complex sentence structures and paragraphing.   

Spelling - Students will continue to develop their knowledge and understanding of spelling.  This includes spelling patterns, word origins, prefixes and suffixes as well as new vocabulary through our school wide Spelling Under Scrutiny Programme. 

Reading -  The class teacher will create a learning programme to accommodate the learning needs of the class and/or students’.  

Inquiry -  Teachers’ have decided that the first 3 weeks will be used to complete our Arts Inquiry from Term 3.  From there, we will shift our focus to Careers.   

                                                                  The Arts 

Compelling Question: How do The Arts teach us about Culture? Underlying Concept: The Arts open up ways for us to communicate why we think, feel and act as we do, demonstrating culture and  values. Context: The cultures within our class  

Careers - The students will complete a careers unit during their Thursday rotation time.   The focus will be on “How can I prepare for the future?” as the students inquire into these understandings: 

  • We have a distinctive set of qualities and interests. 
  • There are different ways of learning the skills we will need in the future. 
  • A career is not a job  - and it isn’t only about work. 

Health and Physical Education -  The students will participate in a rotation where they will have the opportunity to develop their athletic skills.  The rotations will include: discus, shot put, long jump, high jump, sprints.  We will also be beginning our daily swimming programme. 
ICT- Activities to develop skills using Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms and a range of apps that will enhance the students learning within our classroom programmes.  E-portfolios will continue to be developed, showing a snapshot of the students' learning and reflections. 

Te Rapa H.E.A.R.T 

Each fortnight, a different aspect of H.E.A.R.T will be the focus. One student, from each class, will receive the class award at the end of each fortnight. We will begin the term with Honesty and finish off with Teamwork.   

Important Dates for Term 4:  

  • Week 1 - Year 7 and 8 Motutapu Camp
  • Week 2 - Monday 24 October: Labour / Thursday 27 October: Tech Arts / PCT Challenge / Friday 28 October: Tech Arts 
  • Week 3 - Wednesday 2 November: Looking to Lead / Thursday 3 November: No Tech Arts 
  • Week 4 - Monday 7 November: Year 8 Leavers Photo / Wednesday 8 November: Whaanau Hui / Thursday 10 November: Tech Arts 
  • Week 5 - Tuesday 15 November: WFPA Kapa Haka Festival / Wednesday 16 November: Year 7/8 Athletics Day (Postponement date: Monday 21 November) / Thursday 17 November: Tech Arts  / Friday 18 November: Full School Assembly / Year 8 Immunisations 
  • Week 6 - Book Week / Thursday/Friday: Tech Arts 
  • Week 7 - Tuesday 29 November: Looking to Lead / Wednesday 30 November: Northwest Interschool Athletics / Thursday 1 December: Tech Arts 
  • Week 8 - Monday 5 December: Student Council Trip / Tuesday 6 December: Year 7/8 Big Day In / Wednesday 7 December: Whaanau Performance / Thursday 8 December: No Tech Arts and Year 7/8 Disco  
  • Week 9 - Wednesday 14 December: Year 8 Leavers Dinner / Thursday 15 December: No Tech Arts / Friday 16 December: Full School Assembly. 
  • Week 10 - Monday 19 December: Prize Giving / Tuesday 20 December: Last day of the year (finishing at 12pm)

Term 4 Reminders 

  • Stationery - Please ensure that your child has replenished their stationery supplies such as their pens, pencils and rulers ready for another term of learning. 
  • Tech Arts - Rooms 19 & 21 need to be at school before 8.30am so they do not miss the morning bus.  Rooms 17,18 & 20 will attend the afternoon session leaving Te Rapa at 11.45 am and returning at 2.50 pm. 
  • Please ensure your child has their swimming togs each day. If they are not swimming they require a note explaining why they need to be excused from the daily swimming programme. Please ensure your child has a spare pair of clothes for athletics training at school each day.
  • Students are also reminded about our “Shorts for Sports” policy when playing out on the fields during interval and lunchtime. 

Please feel free to email me with any questions or queries during the term.

Mr. Isacc Hunia 
Email: ihunia@terapa.school.nz