Te Rapa Primary

Te Rapa Primary School

'Maa te kimi ka kite, maa te kite ka moohio maa te moohio ka maarama.'


Kia ora koutou, and welcome back to Term 2.  We hope that you have all had a relaxing break and were able to spend quality time with family, as well as friends.  As we move into the winter months, we have another busy but exciting term ahead.  Outlined below are major learning focuses for the term and key dates for syndicate events.

The whakataukii above means 'Seek and discover. Discover and know. Know and become enlightened.' In Room 20, I encourage my learners to be inquisitive as well as challenge and grow their mindsets. That I am but a passenger who gets to enjoy their journey, that every so often I need to take hold of the wheel.  

Mask wearing at school  

Masks are optional in the classroom now, however they must be worn on the Tech Buses unless your child has an exemption.

Term Two Learning Foci: 

Mathematics - During the term the classes will cover the following Strands: Algebra,  Measurement and Geometry. 

Homework will differ from class to class; in order to focus on the needs of the students. 

Writing - Students will focus on developing complex sentence structures and paragraphing.  Writing will also be integrated into our ‘Science’ inquiry, with informational reports and explanations with a point of view shared. 

Spelling - Students will continue to develop their knowledge and understanding of spelling.  This includes spelling patterns, word origins, prefixes and suffixes as well as new vocabulary through our school wide Spelling Under Scrutiny Programme. 

Reading - Researching and using keywords to locate relevant information will be the initial focus.  The skills of inference and reorganisation will also be covered during the term.  

Inquiry - Through the curriculum area of Science, our Inquiry focus will be:   The Living World - How do living things survive in an ever changing world?  

Underlying Concept: Survival of  species is dependent on creating sustainable environments. Context: Ecology and Evolution.  

Physical Education - The term will see the students involved in developing knowledge and skills linked to a range of winter sports.  There will also be a focus on students developing their skills in preparation for Sports Camp later in the term. 

Health - Early in the term, we will have a focus ‘Bully Free Week’, highlighting the way we treat our peers and ourselves. 

ICT- Activities to develop skills using Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms and a range of apps that will enhance the students learning within our classroom programmes.  E-portfolios will continue to be developed, showing a snapshot of the students' learning and reflections. 

Digital Citizenship - Our digital citizenship focus will continue from Term 1.                              

Tech Arts @ Hamilton Junior High School - Tech Arts will begin on Thursday, 5th May. The students receive specialised teaching in the following areas:   

Food - Design and Evaluation 

Bio Tech - Body Products  Digital Imagery & Product Labelling 

Hard Materials - Design Process Visual Art Electronics  

This year we will be going to Tech Arts in class groups. Room 20 will be the part of the first group to attend, leaving school at 8:45am and returning at 11.45pm. Your child will need to arrive at school by 8:30am.  

Te Rapa H.E.A.R.T 

Each fortnight, a different aspect of H.E.A.R.T will be the focus. One student, from each class, will receive the class award at the end of each fortnight. We will begin the term with Honesty and finish off with Teamwork.   

Motutapu Island Camp: 

Monday 17 - Friday 21 October 2022 

(Term 4, Week 1) 

Applications for parents who wish to attend camp will be issued later in Term 2 and confirmed by the end of Term 2. The parent contribution for camp is currently being calculated and will be confirmed by the end of the week. We encourage families to start making small regular payments towards the cost of this camp or to set up automatic payments at the office anytime from now. Final payments will be due by Week 10 Term 3.

Important Dates for Term 2:  

  • Week 5 - Full School Assembly 
  • Week 6 - Queen’s Birthday Holiday Monday 
  • Week 7 - Sports Camp Week 
  • Week 8 - Matariki Holiday Friday 
  • Week 9 - Tough Guy/Gal 
  • Week 10 - Full School Assembly  

As you will be aware there may be changes due to Covid-19 as the term progresses.  

Please feel free to email me with any questions or queries during the term.

Mr. Isacc Hunia 
Email: ihunia@terapa.school.nz