Te Rapa Primary

Te Rapa Primary School

Welcome TO Term 2 in rOOM 17!

Welcome back to learning in the classroom.  It was great to see all of your smiling faces on Monday morning; excited to see your friends, and to be back at school. Thank you Thank you for your positive approach to distance learning which was so new to all of us.  I enjoyed receiving the many emails, photos and other snippets from your bubbles. 

 Learning plan for the remainder of Term 2 

 Mathematics - We will be staying in our homerooms for the first few weeks, with a focus on Statistics.  From there, our main focus will be on number and measurement.  Students in Room 17 will continue with Prime Maths. 

 Writing - Students will develop their ability to use complex sentence structures with accuracy as well as pivotal tools to enhance their writing.  Later in the term, the focus will be linked to our Inquiry topic. 

 Reading - Class novels with a focus on personal responses to the text and characters. Spelling - Developing knowledge of spelling patterns, word origins, sentence structures and new vocabulary. 

 Physical Education - Winter Sports skills and fitness. 

 Inquiry - Through the curriculum subject of Science, our topic will be on the Physical World.  The Big Idea will be Energy and the context will be Electrical Circuits.  The Deep Understandings will be: There are physical forces as well as sources of energy that affect our everyday lives, some of which we can harness and use.      

 TechArts @ HJHS Students will return to Tech Arts on Thursday 21 May 2o2o.  Whaea Keri from Hamilton Junior High School has put a number of new health and safety procedures in place.  Upon arrival, her team will share these procedures with our students.  All seniors must ensure that they have covered shoes, and our Year 8 students need to be at school by 8.30am for roll call. 

 School Sports Teams -  As we receive up to date information during Level 2 from the different sporting codes, we will pass this onto you.  It is our understanding that most codes have a phase approach, and will work with the schools to meet the needs of the students. 

 Term 2 Reminders - Bring a drink bottle to school everyday. Stay at home if you are sick. 

Dates for Term 2 

 Week 6 - TechArts Begins 

 Week 8 - Queen’s Birthday Holiday (1 June) 

 Week 10 - Year 7 and 8 Immunisations 

 Week 11- Looking to Lead - Student Council 

 Week 12-Parent/Teacher Conferences 

 Please contact me through email if you have any further questions or queries. 


Kind Regards,

Mr Joshua Louden