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Te Rapa Primary School

WElcome Back To Term 2 in Room 8!

It's hard to believe it's Term 2 already. It has been lovely getting to know all the children in Room 8. Term 2 is looking exciting and has lots happening!

What's Happening in Term 2?

Literacy:  We are learning about  information reports - the text structure, language and different strategies we can use to explore and develop these.

Maths: Building our basic facts knowledge and problem solving strategies with a particular focus on word problems. Across the Year3/4 team we will be using PRIME maths.

Maaori: Kapahaka every Friday and exploring the seasons.

Physical Education: Winter sports (hockey, netball, soccer and small ball skills) AND  our amazing JUMP JAM competition! How exciting this will be!

Inquiry: TO INFINITY AND BEYOND! Exploring the moon, the sun, Earth and beyond. With a future trip to the museum exhibition 'Our Moon:Then now and beyond'. 

We will be using the LEARNING ASSETS to guide and support our journey:

In Room 8 I am a... 


In Room 8 we show






Look at some of the cool masks Room 8 made for Art!

And an amazing effort from Room 8 in Term 1 Mathletics - Overall winners for the Term!

Personal Introduction

Hello my name is Ginny Grenfell. I have been teaching for 17 years. My teaching career began at Forest Lake Primary School then I moved to Whitiora School. During my time at Whitiora I trained and taught as a Reading Recovery teacher alongside being a Team Leader. Following Whitiora I moved onto the lovely Te Rapa School who has amazing  staff and children! We are all very lucky!

I love teaching and the children and people who make it an amazing journey. I strive to install a love of learning and in all of my students to reach their potential. I strongly believe all children have the capacity to learn – as teachers we just need to find the way to teach them. 

I have adult children - Jacob, Saffron, Madison, Luca (Maddy and Luca are twins) and Charlotte. I have two amazing grandchildren - Maiah who is 10 and Easton who is 6 years old. Family is hugely important to me and with even grown children family life is busy!

My passion and hobbies are horses and animals! I live rurally on a farm where I own and ride my own horses and agist others on my property. I have a passion for rescue work and as many may tell you we have has a few animals visit our class. We also five lovely dogs, four cats and some chooks! I love the outdoors and the peace of the country and enjoy the farming lifestyle.

I am absolutely looking forward to getting to know all your children and working with them as a team throughout the year. If you have any queries at all please do not hesitate to contact me ginnygrenfell@terapa.school.nz.