Te Rapa Primary

Te Rapa Primary School

Welcome to Term 3 in Room 8

We ended Term 2 on a high note with our Inquiry around dinosaurs / NZ endangered animals and a visit to the Waikato Museum to participate in learning sessions based upon the Re-evolution exhibition.   

 It feels terrific to be beginning a term under more 'normal' circumstances.  There is lots happening for Room 8 children this term.   

Term 3 activities include:  

 *Syndicate Poetry competition  

 *Cross  Country - We will be building up our fitness in preparation for the school event midway through the term. 

 *Syndicate Jump Jam competition - This is the year that we wear costumes and have a member of Brett Fairweather's team come to be our judge!  

 *Inquiry Days based around 'The Arts'. 

 *Literacy focuses include reading (understanding) and writing poetry; Reading comprehension strategies 

 *We are learning how to be responsible learners who ask questions, add to the valuable ideas of others to create new ones and can share ways to find information.