Te Rapa Primary

Te Rapa Primary School

Room 9 kiwis-Term 3 2020

Room 9 raised $100 at our Win, Win Event so we decided to adopt Waikawa the kākāpō.

Waikawa hatched in 2011 and lives on Codfish Island/Whenua Hou. She was the first kākāpō to hatch successfully after being artificially incubated immediately after the egg was laid.

Sadly, only one of her four chicks survived to fledge. While she proved to be an excellent mum and had an impressively huge and waterproof hollow under a rock for her nest, intense rain caused flash flooding on the island, which wiped out her nest. Her one chick is called Makorea, meaning survivor.

Inquiry- Dinosaur Evolution Museum Trip Last Week Term 2

Focuses this term

Reading-Poetry & Reading To, Reading With and Reading By Students

Writing-Poetry, Letter Writing & Super Sentences 

Maori: Phrase of the Week

Maths-PR1ME and Mathletics for homework

P.E: Cross Country and Jump Jam

Computational Thinking-Bee Bot

Inquiry: Culture-The Arts-Let me share a story...

Seesaw-we will be sharing our learning with you