Te Rapa Primary

Te Rapa Primary School

 This term Room 3 are continuing to develop their knowledge of how to be a powerful learner using the Learning Assets - being a communicator, collaborator, researcher, thinker and self-manager. 

For P.E. our focus is on the fundamental skills of skipping, jumping, galloping, running and catching / throwing a ball.


Formal homework will begin once the children have settled into school.  Until then, here are some suggestions of things you can work on with your child at home: 

➤ Correct pencil grip                                           ➤ Starting letters in the right place

➤ Correct formation of their name                    ➤  Number recognition from 0 – 20        

➤ Counting forwards and backwards                   ➤ Reading books to your child   

➤  PMe Collection reading                                   ➤  Yolanda Soryl phonics app  

➤ Zip and Mac online                                         ➤  Listening to ‘Storyline online’

Room 3 Video's 2022

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Shaving Foam Language Experience

Playdoh Names

Casey the Caterpillar Shapes

Turtle Writing & Artwork

Room 3 Video's 2021

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Room 3 Children

Brain Break

Calendar Art Bubble Pictures

Cross Country