Te Rapa Primary

Te Rapa Primary School


 Term 2 2021



      Room 6 are 'learners' and 'teachers' as we continue our learning

 adventure together, full of wonderful  experiences and discoveries.



Important Dates:

  • Week 1 - Life Education Caravan (In class) 
  •  Week 3 - Friday 23rd May - Pink Shirt Day (To support anti bullying week) 
  •  Week 5 - Friday 4th June - Teacher Only Day (No School) 
  •  Week 6 - Monday 7th June - Queen's Birthday (No School) 
  •  Week 10 - Friday 9th July - Last day of Term 2



This term students will be continue to learn about what school is all about, how to ask questions, and talk about how they learn. 

This will tie in with our school values: HEART (Honesty, Excellence, Aroha, Respect and Teamwork).  Essentially, it is all about children wondering about their world and coming to their own conclusions and asking about things that might not make particular sense.

What is Energy?

What is Electricity?

What can you find out - use the learning assets to help you?




We will be Reading every day – “learning to read” and “reading to learn”. 

Our reading programme consists of guided reading, shared reading (Big Book/Poem) and reading to, which will include books that link to our Inquiry topic, Te Rapa HEART and topics of interest to the students.


We will be learning to:

  • write every day. 
  • write simple recounts of exciting things that we have completed or write simple descriptions. 
  • focus of learning our letters and the associated sounds to help us spell new words.
  • use Stephen Graham’s descriptors will help us with our writing e.g. Number, Colour, Size, Position, Doing, Shape and Texture. 


Some students will continue with "Getting Ready for Prime", giving students knowledge and understanding to connect to maths principles to enable them to begin the Prime 1A maths programme later in Term 2. There will also be some students that will be beginning the Prime 1A maths at the beginning of Term 2.

We will be covering number knowledge, place value and groupings including addition and subtraction. We also will be learning Maths vocabulary to help our understanding of mathematical thinking.


Healthy Habits

Why do we wash our hands?

We wash our hands to get rid of the bad germs that make us sick and stop the germs from spreading to our friends! So that means we wash them EVERY TIME..

  • after going to the toilet/bathroom
  • before we eat or touch food
  • when our hands are dirty
  • after we touch animals
  • after we sneeze or cough
  • after we blow our noses.


Please name your child’s lunchbox. Initially it is quite helpful to put your child’s snack break, morning tea and lunch in a different compartment in their lunchbox.

We have morning tea at 10.40am (healthy snack fruit or yoghurt) and lunch at 12.40pm (sandwich/fruit/yoghurt/sushi). Please try to avoid overloading your child’s lunchbox, they need to spend some time playing outside during morning tea and lunchtime.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me either before school or by email to arrange a convenient time to catch up. I look forward to working with you and your child/children throughout this year.

Michelle Middleton