Te Rapa Primary

Te Rapa Primary School

Welcome back to Term 4


      Room 6 will be continuing our learning adventure together, full of wonderful experiences and discoveries.





Our Inquiry topic this term is “Animal Antics”. We will be learning about different animal groups, recognising that living things are suited to their particular habitat and have certain requirements so they can stay alive. 


Feel free to give students items about the animal world to share for oral language experiences e.g. newspaper articles or interesting pictures. Keep an eye on our Inquiry wall and our wonderings and discoveries as the term progresses. We will be visiting the Hamilton Zoo later in the term which will be a great link to our Inquiry. Information about this trip will be sent home very shortly.


Southern white rhino pregnant at Hamilton Zoo | Stuff.co.nz




We are continuing to Read every day – “learning to read” and “reading to learn”. Our reading programme consists of guided reading, shared reading (Big Book/Poem) and reading to, which will include books about animals that link to our Inquiry topic – “Animals Antics”.



We will continue to write every day. We will be focusing on adding details to our writing such as adjectives, verbs and adding conjunctions e.g. because, but, and to make our sentences more interesting for our readers.

We will also be doing some mini report writing about animals, investigating appearance, diet, habitat and interesting facts. Stephen Graham’s descriptors will continue to help with our writing e.g. Number, Colour, Size, Position, Doing, Shape and Texture.



The students will use the Prime 1A maths programme and will be covering different addition and subtraction strategies and will continue to practise Maths Knowledge: Basic facts to 20 including ten friends and doubles, fractions, place value. The strands of Geometry and Measurement will also be covered this term.


P.E. & Health: 

Junior Athletics Day is: Friday 13th November. 

We will be practising activities each Friday afternoon during the Term. The activities are: High Jump, Long Jump, Ball Push, Foxtails, Foxtails and Frisbees.

Swimming: Towards the second half of the term when the weather and pool become warmer the Junior Syndicate will be swimming regularly. More information will be forthcoming.