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Term 4, 2022

Inquiry Learning:  This term the children will continue to 'inquire' into the Arts and what this looks like in the different cultures in our class. We will continue to explore how the Learning Assets (Self Manager, Communicator, Thinker, Collaborator and Researcher) help us to 'inquire' into our learning and to ask 'Wondering' questions. E.O.T.C. trips this term relate to the Arts Inquiry. 

Literacy, Oral Language, Reading and WritingInquiry learning will continue to be integrated into the Literacy programme with the children learning to ask 'wondering' questions and talk about topics that are covered in the big books, poems and the weekly school wide quiz. Room 6 students will practise and perform the "Little Red Riding Hood" fairytale play

WritingThe children will continue to write Recounts about personal experiences and  Descriptions of characters. They will also do Narrative (Fairy tale) and Report ( related to non-fiction texts) writing and will look at features of a narrative and report text. The children will look at the direct speech used in the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale and will focus on how to punctuate direct speech when using it in stories.  

HandwritingThe Casey Caterpillar writing programme will continue to be used. The correct formation of Upper case (capital) letters and numbers will be the focus. 

PhonicsThe Yolanda Soryl phonics programme will continue to be used. The focus will be on transferring their phonological knowledge into reading and writing. They will continue to work through more blends and digraphs and word families. The Full Circle Phonics game will be incorporated into the class phonics programme. 

Maths Most children will work through the Prime 1A Programme and a few children will work through Prime 1B Programme. The Maths strands covered will be Number (covering Addition, Subtraction, Fractions and Multiplication) and Measurement (using standard rulers and metre rulers) and Geometry (2 & 3D shapes). Other resources will be incorporated to support the maths teaching and learning programme. They will continue to learn more Maths games and use equipment such as Smart trays to support the learning and coverage in class.   

Health/P.E. Athletic sports (running, jumping and throwing events) will be covered in the first half of the term, followed by Swimming when the weather is warmer.

Maori: Nga Kai (Food) will be covered and the children will focus on Healthy Eating, namely looking at huarakau (fruit) and huawhenua (vegetables).  

Technology/Digital Fluency: The children will continue to use the iPads and apps for Literacy and Maths within the classroom programme. They will be doing unplugged activities focusing on directional language using Beebots. 

ICT/DMC (Digitial Media Classroom)The children will use the Word programme to write a description of the Wolf in Little Red Riding Hood fairytale and use the Paint programme to draw a picture of it. They will be working on improving their word processing skills.

 Library: Our Library day is Friday. Please remind your child to return their two books to school every Friday so they can choose new ones.



Room 6 Term 4 Class Notice

Dear Room 6 Families,

I hope you all had a happy and enjoyable holiday break.

Inquiry: The Arts Inquiry will continue this term. The children have experienced viewing live Arts performance shows and doing various Art forms themselves and seeing how the Arts have been revealed in the various cultures within our classroom and school wide. The school wide Cultural Day provided them with another worthwhile learning experience where they covered aspects of other peoples' cultures which included the Arts. They also enjoyed participating in the Syndicate wide Arts rotations in the different classes and doing visual art (pictures of buildings, animals and taniwha and making clay divas), drama ("Maui Catches the Sun" puppet making and puppet plays), music (Listening to music and playing various instruments) and dance (Jump Jam, Rakau (Maori stick) activities and games.The children managed to practise and perform the "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" traditional fairytale play and each group performed this to the rest of the class. Little Red Riding Hood will be the fairy tale group play they do this term. 

E.O.T.C.: Our Education Outside the Classroom trips this term relate to the Arts Inquiry focus. The Waikato Museum trip is in Week 2 on Wednesday 26 October and will cover the Visual Arts art form. 

Homework/Poem/Reading//Maths/SpellingYour child will continue to do reading, the weekly poem, spelling and the maths sheet for homework up to Week 8 of this term. 


Homework/Poem book:  Please check that your child has the Homework/Poem book in his/her book bag on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

P.E.: We will be doing Athletics Sports leading up to the Junior Syndicate Athletics Display day on Friday 18 November. Your child will need to wear shorts and a teeshirt. They can run in their bare feet when doing sprint races and jumping events.

Thank you for your continued support. Please don't hesitate to contact me via email if you need to discuss any matter. 

Kindest Regards, 

Room 6 - Christine Shadbolt