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Term 2, 2022

Inquiry Learning:  This term children will ‘inquire’ about their school community and Matariki by exploring the Learning Assets (Researcher, Thinker, Collaborator, Self Manager, Communicator), learning how to ask ‘wondering’ questions, and talk about how they learn.  This will tie in with our school values: HEART (Honesty, Excellence, Aroha, Respect and Teamwork).

Literacy, Oral Language, Reading and WritingInquiry learning will be integrated into the Literacy programme with the children learning to ask 'wondering' questions and talk about topics that are covered in the big books, poems and the weekly school wide quiz.

WritingThe focus this term will continue to be on formulating and writing short and long sentences that make sense and are correctly structured. The children will also work on punctuating sentences correctly. 'I see, I think and I wonder' writing will continue to be used in literacy and Inquiry learning. They will continue to write descriptions of people, places and things and recounts about personal experiences.  

HandwritingThe Casey Caterpillar writing programme will continue to be used. The story of Casey Caterpillar will be re-shared with the children to reinforce the learning of the correct formation of letters. Lower and upper case letters and numbers will continue to be a focus. 

PhonicsThe Yolanda Soryl phonics programme will continue to be used. The children will work at an appropriate Stage for themselves and will then progressively work up through the graduated stages. The focus will be on transferring their knowledge of letter sounds into reading and writing. The children will continue to work through blends and digraphs. Word families will also be covered this term.

Maths Most children will work through the Prime 1A Programme and a few children will work through Prime 1B Programme. The Maths strands covered will be Number, Geometry and Measurement. Other resources will be incorporated to support the maths teaching and learning programme. The children will continue to learn more Maths games and use equipment to support the learning and coverage in class.   

Health/P.EThis term the P.E focus will be fundamental skills - skipping, balancing, jumping, throwing, catching and striking. The Health focus will be Bully Free Week (Week 3) and the Get Firewise programme.  During Bully Free week students will participate in discussions and scenarios and talk about the difference between ‘bullying’ and being ‘mean’. The Get Firewise programme teaches the children what they need to know and how to behave so that they can stay fire safe and escape from a burning building.

Maori: Nga Ahuatanga (Feelings) and Matariki (Maori New Year) will be covered. Matariki is the Maori name for the cluster of stars also known as the Pleiades. It occurs near the end of June or beginning of July and it symbolises the start of a new year. The children will celebrate Matariki at school in a fun and purposeful way at school.  

Technology/Digital Fluency: The children will continue to use the iPads and apps within the classroom programme. We will be doing unplugged activities focusing on directional language using Beebots.  

Room 6 Library Day: The children are to return their two library books on Friday every week.


Room 6 Class Notice 

Room 6 Term 2 Class Notice

Dear Room 6 Families,

I hope you all had a fun and relaxing holiday break. A big thank you to the many Room 6 parents who attended the Teacher/Parent/Student Conferences at the end of Term 1. Please revise your child's goals with them that are glued in the Homework/Poem book and guide and assist them with achieving these. 

Homework: The children will continue to read a home reader book, share a poem and do a maths sheet for homework. I have glued a Term 2 Homework notice in your child's Homework/Poem book. Please read this carefully as Spelling and News have been added to the Homework schedule this term. At the bottom of the Term 2 Homework notice you will see that a day of the week has been highlighted for your child to present their news item. The children will receive 5 spelling words to learn each week which have been recorded in the Homework/Poem book. A 'Spello' activities chart has been glued into their Homework/Poem book and they can choose spelling activities from this chart to help them learn their words.

I appreciate your support and co-operation with doing this. Please don't hesitate to contact me via email if you need to discuss any matter. 

Kindest Regards, 

Room 6 - Christine Shadbolt