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Welcome to Room 5

Term 2, 2021

Inquiry Learning: Our class Inquiry is entitled ‘How can I think and act like a scientist’. The Science strand we will be covering is Making Sense of the Physical World and the children will be exploring everyday examples of physical phenomena such as forces, electricity, movement, magnetism, light, sound waves and heat. The underlying concept is Energy. The children will come to understand that energy is ‘the ability to do work". Energy is how things change and move. It’s everywhere around us and takes all sorts of forms. It takes energy to cook food, to drive to school and to jump in the air. 


Health: In the first few weeks the Life Education Caravan is visiting our school. We are looking at what our body needs to be happy, healthy and thriving. Nutrition and healthy eating and the digestive system will be covered. 

LiteracyLanguage Experience activities will be incorporated into the Literacy programme based around the weekly big books covered throughout the term.  

Reading: The children will be do shared (Poem, Big Book & Nursery Rhymes), guided (group readers) and independent reading (personal interest). The teacher read will relate to HEART values, Inquiry and Animals. 

MathsThe children will be doing the Prime 1A maths programme in Term 2. They will be covering number strand and the addition and subtraction operations . Also they will be learning Maths vocabulary to help them understand the mathematical concepts covered. They will learn and play more Maths games to support their learning. 

WritingThe children will write recounts of their personal experiences and some of these will relate to LIfe Education (Nutrition and Healthy Eating), the Science Inquiry and Language experience literacy activities. They will also write descriptions and will use Stephen Graham's descriptor charts (number, colour, size, position, doing, shape and texture) to help them write interesting sentences.  

Maori: The children will cover Nga Ahuatanga (feelings), Nga Kararehe (Animals) and will present their Pepeha to an audience. We will continue to focus on learning Te Reo Maori through song and dance. 

Art: Painting will be done this term and will relate to literacy and numeracy (geometrical shapes). Pointillism is the technique of painting the children will be using when painting their picture/s.

P.E.Large Ball skills (catching, passing, dribbling, shooting) and games like Dodge ball, King Dodge Ball and Tappawae will be covered.