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Te Rapa Primary School

Welcome to Room 5

Term 4, 2020

Inquiry: Our Inquiry this term is entitled ‘Animals Home in their Habitats’. The students will be focusing on Animal Welfare and what different types of animals need, to be happy, safe and healthy in the environments and habitats that they live in. We will be visiting the Hamilton Zoo this term.

Maths: The students will use the Prime 1A maths programme and will be covering number (addition and subtraction and geometry (2D, 3D shapes, Orientation and Position) and measurement (length) strands this term. 

P.E. & Health: High Jump, Long Jump, Throwing events and Sprints will be covered for Athletics. Sun Sense will be covered for Health.

Oral Language/Reading: The students will be practising and performing some traditional Fairy tales and Fable plays. 

Maori: Nga Kararehe (Animals) will be the covered this term with students learning the names of different animals through singing 'waiata'. 

ICT: The students will use Kidpix to draw Animals. We will also be doing a story map related to one of the traditional Fairy tales. 

Art: The students will be doing an animal collage picture. They will also do an animal picture for their calendar art piece using mixed media.

Technology: The students will create an animal enclosure for a chosen animal and will use a variety of building blocks, recycled materials (cardboard), playdough, etc, to make it.