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Term 1, 2021

Inquiry Learning:  This term children will be learning what school is all about, how to ask questions, and talk about how they learn. This will tie in with our school values: HEART (Honesty, Excellence, Aroha, Respect and Teamwork) and Learning Assets (Researcher, Thinker, Collaborator, Self Manager, Communicator).  Essentially, it's all about children wondering about their world and coming to their own conclusions and asking about things that might not make particular sense.  

Oral Language: Initially the children will be learning what is a question, when do we ask questions and why do we ask them. Following this they will learn about what is a closed question and an open question. The aim is for them to use both types of questions across the curriculum.

Swimming: The Junior Syndicate will be swimming every day, weather permitting, and it would be very helpful if everything, including towels, are named and in a bag. They will be doing Water Safety and Awareness skills.

Reminder: Friday 12th March, 1.30-3pm - Swimming Demonstration

Maths:  The children will begin with "Getting Ready for Prime" prior to doing the Prime 1A maths programme in Term 2. They will be covering number knowledge, place value and groupings including addition and subtraction. Also they will be learning Maths vocabulary to help them understand the mathematical concepts covered. They will learn and play some Maths games to support their learning. 

ReadingThe children will do shared (Poem and Big Book), guided (group readers) and independent reading (personal interest). Teacher read will link to the Inquiry and HEART. 

WritingThe children will focus on learning letter sounds and names to assist them with spelling of unknown words.  They will write descriptions and will use Stephen Graham's descriptor charts (number, colour, size, position, doing, shape and texture) to help them write interesting sentences. They will also be doing Recount writing about personal experiences. 

Maori: The children will do Greetings. Farewells and a personal Mihi about themself. They will learn Nga Tae (the Colours) and will make their own colour wheel to assist their learning. 

Art: The children will create a personal profile jigsaw using one media and will incorporate HEART values on it. 

Important Dates to Remember:

  • Week 2 - Thursday 18th February - Orientation Evening 5-6.30pm

  • Week 5 - Friday 12th March, 1.30-3pm - Swimming Demonstration

  • Week 8 - Easter 2nd April - 6th April

  • Week 9 - A & P Trip 9th April

  • Week 10 - 14th and 15th April - Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences

  • Week 10 - 16th April - End of Term 1

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me at school or by email cshadbolt@terapa.school.nz

Christine Shadbolt