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 Room 1 Term 4

Welcome to Term 4, 2020 in Room One. 

It is hard to believe that we have completed one full, uninterrupted term this year as we begin Term 4. That hasn't stopped Room One from working hard and having fun. We enjoyed learning about dinosaurs last term and have a trip to the Zoo to look forward to this term. 

A strong focus on Reading, Writing, Maths and Oral Language continues this term with reports due to come out at the end of the year. 

Athletics day happens halfway through the term in week 5 and the swimming pool will reopen later this term. 

We also have the Junior Syndicate Big Day In to look forward to in the final week of school. The events are all hush hush for now but rest assured it will be fantastic.

For now, enjoy a couple of poems, brought to you by Room 1.

 Room 1 Term 3

Welcome to Term 3, 2020 in Room One.

This term we have lots of exciting adventures ahead. 

We continue exploring colour in art, with a focus on using dye, vivid and crayon. This becomes part of our reading and writing programme as we are using it to help learn our high frequency 'Early Words' and alphabet card. Our art is inspired by books and poems we read.

We also have a visit to the museum this term as we look into dinosaurs, with a focus on survival and adaptation. 

Maths learning will focus on patterns to ten, particularly with the exciting mathethon! We also continue working at reading and writing numbers. 

Room 1 Term 2, 2020

Reading With Miss G

Today's Challenge: Salt Dough Creations

Reading With Miss G

Confused and Silly: Two more poems about feelings written by Jenny Palmer and illustrated by Evie Kemp.

Today's Challenge: Creating with Magazines and Newspapers

Today's Challenge:  Make something special for your mum or mother figures in your life. 
This could be a card, a picture, something from lego...use your imagination!
On Sunday it is Mother's Day. Mother's Day is a great reminder to celebrate the special people in our lives

Reading with Miss G

Enjoy the introduction of the next series of poems I will be sharing online. The poems themselves can be found below.
By Jenny Palmer & illustrated by Evie Kemp
By Jenny Palmer & illustrated by Evie Kemp

Miss G will be back with some new stories soon. 

Vida's Experiment: Today's Challenge

Hi Team. A special thank you to Vida for sharing her experiment with us today. She decided to put different amounts of water in glasses, add some food colouring (for decoration) and to see what happened.

What happens when you try it? 
Learn a New Skill: Aletta's Challenge

Aletta has been learning some new skills like plantingand flower arranging. A special thank you to you Aletta for telling us about this!

Have a try flower arranging or share a skill with us that you have learnt.
Have a look at some of the other photos below Miss G's story to see some other amazing learning these two have been up to!
Reading With Miss G

A Dragon in a Wagon
By Lynley Dodd

Reading With Miss G: Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs

For an offline version find all the letters of your name in an old magazine or newspaper. Cut them out and glue them onto a piece of paper.

If you want to stay digital and don't have an Apple device (they designed this activity), use a camera and an app like 'Pic Collage' instead.

Reading With Miss G

Le Quesnoy: The Story of the Town New Zealand Saved

Maths Challenge 

Play a board game like Snakes and Ladders. It's maths in disguise!
 This will help you practice your counting and adding (as well as some other important skills like sharing and turn taking).


Art Challenge by Mrs Foster

Literacy Challenge

Practice your printing using the booklets in the learning pack. If you've finished these, have a go a learning to spell your Early Words. More tips on that tomorrow!

Enjoy reading lots of books too! Practise making your reading sound the way you talk.
Maths Challenge

Play a game of memory using a pack of cards (or get someone to teach you a fun card game they know). This will help you learn to recognise numbers and patterns to ten. 

Reading With Miss G

 Granny McFlitter: The Champion Knitter

By Heather Haylock

Reading with Storytime Corner NZ


Reading With Miss G

 Granny McFlitter: The Champion Knitter

By Heather Haylock

Today's Challenges


Here is today's art challenge - brought to you courtesy of Miss Foster and Mrs Middleton.

Miss G Reads:
"Mr Brown Can Moo, Can you?"

It isn't quite the same as reading in to you in the classroom, but I hope you enjoy this!:


Scavenger Hunt Activity

A special thanks to Miss Foster and Mrs Middleton for sorting this alphabet scavenger hunt that you could do.

Monster Art