Te Rapa Primary

Te Rapa Primary School
Welcome back to Term 4 in Room 4!

What's Happening this term?

Inquiry: Our Inquiry title this term is ‘Animal Antics’. We will be looking at what we need to do to look after our environment in order for animals to survive. 

P.E: The Junior Syndicate have their Athletics day scheduled for Friday 13th November. 

Swimming: Towards the second half of the term when the weather and pool become warmer the Junior Syndicate will be swimming regularly. More information will be forthcoming.

Literacy: Each week we will be exploring a range of language experiences to help enhance both our oral language and writing.

Maths: We will be continuing our getting ready for Pr1me programme.

ICT: Room 4 visits the Digital Media Centre every Friday. We will be using Kidpix to design pictures and diagrams relative to things within our programme.

Library: Our library day is Friday. Please remember Book Bags come to school everyday.

Lockdown learning

It was so cool staying in touch with Room 4 students and families during 'bubble time' in Term 2. I was sent so many amazing things showing me what you had all been doing. Check them out below!

Here are the art tutorials Mrs Foster made for us to follow alongside. Check them out!

Use the arrows to scroll through some of the activities we have been doing!

Room 4's picture library!