Te Rapa Primary

Te Rapa Primary School

Welcome to Room 4 Term 1 2020

A very warm welcome to Room 4 for 2020. I am Miss Morgan Foster, the class teacher for Room 4. Michelle Foster also teaches in Room 4 most Tuesdays on my release day and when needed.




In an inclusive classroom, we work together to create a safe and collaborative learning environment.  Inclusive classrooms recognize students learn in different ways.


Includes caring for one another, implementing safe behaviour and actions toward one another, supporting one another and helping one another.  

Our Term...

Swimming - The Junior Syndicate will be swimming every day, weather permitting, and it would be very helpful if everything, including towels, are named and in a bag. Swimming is compulsory so if your child is unable to swim please send a note to school with them. If the weather is looking indecisive before school, still send your child with their togs as the weather can clear as the day progresses.

Library - Room 4 will be visiting the library every Friday. Please help your child to make sure that they have their library book back at school by Friday morning so they can choose a new one.

ICT - Starting late Term One the students in Room 4 will visit the DMC (Digital Media Centre) once a week. In here they have access to programmes such as paint, PM+ and Kidspiration. 

 Literacy - The main focus for Term 1 in Room 4 is handwriting, phonics and alphabet knowledge. We will also be doing weekly shared poems/books, alongside many forms of reading. These are all essential parts of our everyday routine.

Mathematics - We will be doing Pr1me Maths and exploring numbers in the range of 0-100. Initially we will learn a variety of Maths games that will coincide with our learning. 

Te Reo Maori - Our focus for this term is going to be on learning Na Mea Karaihi (classroom objects) in Te Reo Maori. 

The Arts - We will be incorporating drama into our big book as we explore characters and their personalities. Visual art and crafts will be completed throughout the term.

Morgan Foster