Te Rapa Primary

Te Rapa Primary School


Mr Vaughan Franklin (on sabbatical leave during Term 4)

Acting Principal

Mrs Christine Troon


Acting Deputy Principal / Head of Junior School (Rooms 1-11)

Mrs Jane Franklin


Assistant Principal Head of Senior School (Rooms 12-21)

Mrs Paula Brinsden

Acting Assistant Principal

Mrs Abby Ritete

Class Teachers

Years 0, 1 & 2 Syndicate 

Room 1 - Miss Abbie Gibson                                            agibson@terapa.school.nz

Room 2 - Ms Andrea Turner (Team Leader)              aturner@terapa.school.nz

Room 3 - Mrs Dawn Morgan                                            dmorgan@terapa.school.nz

Room 4 - Miss Morgan Foster                                         mfoster@terapa.school.nz

Room 5 - Mrs Christine Shadbolt                                   cshadbolt@terapa.school.nz

Room 6 - Mrs Michelle Middleton                                   mmiddleton@terapa.school.nz


Years 3 & 4 Syndicate

Room 7 - Ms Ginny Grenfell                                           ggrenfell@terapa.school.nz            

Room 8 - Miss Karen Wymer                                         kwymer@terapa.school.nz

Room 9 - Mrs Suzanne Thornton                                sthornton@terapa.school.nz

Room 10 - Mrs Melissa Larsen (Team Leader)      mlarsen@terapa.school.nz   

Room 11 - Miss Kylee Nobilo                                         knobilo@terapa.school.nz

Years 5 & 6 Syndicate 

Room 12 - Miss Georgia Gilmore                                    ggilmore@terapa.school.nz                        

Room 13 - Ms Penny Jackson                                         pjackson@terapa.school.nz

Room 14 - Mr Shaun Wright                                            swright@terapa.school.nz    

Room 15 - Mrs Tammy O'Hallahan                               tohallahan@terapa.school.nz

Room 16 - Mr Mike McCurry                                             mmccurry@terapa.school.nz


Years 7 & 8 Syndicate

Room 17 - Mr Josh Louden                                              jlouden@terapa.school.nz

Room 18 - Mr Ross Trafford                                             rtrafford@terapa.school.nz

Room 19 - Mrs Nicola Allen (Team Leader)               nallen@terapa.school.nz

Room 20 - Mr Isacc Hunia                                                ihunia@terapa.school.nz

Room 21 - Miss Trudie Curtis                                         tcurtis@terapa.school.nz


Part Time Teachers

Mrs Anne Bell

Mrs Diane Darlington

Mrs Michelle Foster

Mrs Sarah Hoskin

Mrs Maxime Ostermann

Mrs Ann Sweetman

Mrs Tania Wood 

Support Staff

Administration Bursar

Mrs Karen Gozdz


Office Secretaries

Mrs Sue Lawrence 

Mrs Mel Schriner

Mrs Ann Quinton

ICT Administrator

Mr Rob Bull

Library, Resource & Copy Centre Co-ordinator

Mrs Alison Baucke

Sports Co-ordinator / Apparel

Ms Luana Wickliffe

Student Support / Pastoral Care

Mr Tapua Gudgeon

Ms Luana Wickliffe

Mr Tangata Moeakiola

Learning Assistants

Mrs Kylie Calland

Mrs Fiona Greaves

Mrs Denise Irvin

Mrs Rosemary Jacobs

Mrs Lynn Stapleton

Mrs Caroline van Niekerk

Mrs Evelyn Haumaha

Mrs Adelle Turnbull

Mrs Ally Turner

Canteen Co-ordinator

Mrs Jo Young

Caretaker / Property

Mr Ashley Turner


Gardens / Grounds

Mrs Ana Williams-Cate


Allied Security