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Room 19 - Mrs Marian Conder (Year 7 & 8 Team Leader)

Welcome To Room 19

Term 4


What an exciting term with lots to look forward to as we head towards the end of the year.

We begin the term with special Japanese guests (3 highschool students) per class in our syndicate. Then, we move into our camp at Finlay Park for Week 3. Sadly our Y8 students are coming to the end of their time here at Te Rapa Primary but will form lots of memories during the term. Meanwhile, our Y7 students will being looking towards potential leadership roles for next year, continuing to build positive reputations and goals for Y8.


 Integrating Careers education within Inquiry, Y7/8 students will be investigating how their personal identities affect their career choices. Students will be researching potential career options based on their interests, strengths and desired adult lifestyles. Finding out the educational pathways and required skill sets that these careers need will be a key focus. Y8 students will also spend half a day at Waikato University to experience university life, one of their possible future options.

This term we will continue with the reading focus:Evaluation. During this unit of work students will have to use the skills of reorganisation and inference to make informed opinions about texts. Ultimately, students should be able to apply their opinions about these texts to abstract ideas or practical tasks. Towards the end of the term, we are looking to do Availl - a visual reading programme that uses subtitles with a range of activities while watching movies!!

 Students are busy completing their Short Stories and will then move on to expository texts. Arguing a point of view and supporting their ideas with evidence.  This will be a particular focus for our Y8 students heading off to high school and preparing for essay writing skills.

Mathematics with Statistics is the focus for streamed math classes and some revision of Algebra towards the end of the term. Prime Math will continue in Rm 19.

P.E. :
 Starting the term with Athletics training in preparation for our Athletics Day at Porritt Stadium, we will then head into survival swimming skills (weather permitting!)

Life Education:
Our class will be investigating the importance of self identity, how to build a positive reputation for the future, digital citizenship and a range of related concepts to prepare us for life as young adults.

With a change of plans, our camp will now be at Finlay Park Week 3. (Motutapu Island cancelled our booking due to April storm damage). We feel very lucky to have secured this booking at Finlay Park as most camps for large groups are usually booked two years in advance!! Finlay Park offer a range of exciting activities appropriate for Y7/8 students.


Upcoming Events:

      Japanese Students Arrive: Monday Week 1

      Camp to Finlay Park: Monday 30th October to Friday 3rd November

      Year 5-8 Athletics at Porritt Stadium: Tuesday 14th November

      Life Education:  Week 4

      University Visits Y8: Monday 27th November and Tuesday 28th November

      WFPS Athletics Day: Wednesday 29 November

       Y7/8 Disco: Thursday 7th December

      Student Council Rainbows End Trip: Friday 8th December

      Big Day In: Wednesday 13th December

      Y8 Leavers’ Dinner: Tuesday 12th December


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