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 Room 16  Term 3

Welcome back to Term 3 in Room 16. I hope that all families have had a wonderful holiday and the children are well rested and recovered from any illnesses that were around at the end of Term 2.         

Term 3 Activities

Written Language – Speech Writing and Delivery, Figurative Language and Narrative Writing

Reading – Guided Silent Reading and Blooms Taxonomy Tasks

Maths – PRIME Maths Programme

Big Idea– Art Stimulates the Mind: Art Rotation and a focus on all four aspects of Art

Friday Rotation – Involving Dance, Drama, Music and Simple Coding

Health & PE – Fitness games and Cross Country training

Maori – Kapa Haka and Maori Language: Asking and answering simple questions in Maori, focusing on a different aspect of Maori language

Competencies & Values – Learning Logs – Goal Setting, Reflecting on Learning


Cross Country

With Cross Country this term it is expected that all students have appropriate clothing as well as appropriate footwear (optional) for running. This will mean that they cannot wear long trousers. Cross Country training will be compulsory and students will need signed notes from parents excusing them from physical activity if they are un-fit to participate. Cross Country training will begin in Week 1 so please ensure your child is prepared for this by having the correct gear.


As part of our English Programme this term the students will be writing and presenting speeches. As part of their homework last term hopefully they have recorded some potential speech topics to get start on researching and writing them. I encourage you to take an interest in their work and discuss ideas with them but the writing of the speech needs to be done at school to ensure the competition is fair. Practising their speech for an audience at home is a great way to help build the confidence needed to present in front of their peers. Class speeches for Room 16 will happen in Week 4 and then two Year 5’s and two Year 6’s will be selected from this to participate in the Syndicate Finals on Thursday 24th August.


Literacy Pro

Our students are now gaining confidence using the Scholastic Literacy Pro Programme. Literacy Pro is designed to develop successful readers by evaluating their reading abilities and motivating them to read more at appropriately challenging levels. For our higher level readers, please use the programme to continue to expand your knowledge and read for enjoyment.

This programme will continue to be used in the classroom this term and we encourage our students to use this as part of their reading at home programme. Please take an interest in this with your child. Have them read some of the text aloud to you and share their quiz responses with you. If you have any questions about this programme please do not hesitate to contact me.

Homework: Learning Contracts

The students of Room 16 will have a fortnightly Home Learning Contract in Term 3. The items listed on the contract with a J next to it are ‘Must Do’ activities and need to be completed and signed by a parent/caregiver.

The ‘Must Do’ activities each week are:

          Reading for a minimum of 15 minutes each Monday-Thursday

          Reading aloud or listening to a parent/caregiver 1-2 times a week

          Practising basic facts + - x

Other tasks on the contract will be suggestions of other learning your child could do at home. Some of these tasks will involve practising independence and also manual tasks to develop skills as a growing member of your family. Other tasks will vary and will be optional.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to come in and see me or ring me at school.

Kind Regards

Joshua Louden                    




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