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Year 3/4 Swimming Sports

Posted on 4 April 2018

Our swimming sports were held on 14th of March.


YEAR 3&4

Swimming Sports 2018


I won for Matai the starfish competition and was puffed out at the end. I was nervous when all the parents were watching me. Ocean Penny

When I heard my name get called out I felt pretty nervous and then I got in the water and it was freezing cold! I got in anyway. When I had finished all my events I felt so proud because I had come second in both heats and in the finals I came FIRST!

Blake Cosgrove

I was nervous until I had to get up and manu. I jumped and did my best manu. I came in second place on my first jump. BUT… I had a comeback and took first place on my final jump.                      Manaia Philburn


On Wednesday I went to the swimming sports. I went swimming in the sparkly white pool. It was freezing. It was like an ice cube.                              

Niamh Marsh

When I cheered for Totara I almost lost my voice and it was awesome.     

Rashid Abdelrazeq

Zoom! The race had started. I moved my arms as fast as a flash of lightning. I could hear Rimu House cheering for ME! I never had swum a whole length before. Even though I came last it was still fun and I was proud of my swimming.


Haylee Anderson

I felt excited because it was swimming sports day. My favourite part was the coin collecting. I got lots!                     

Layla MacCulloch



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