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Tops Schools 2018

Posted on 6 August 2018

Sunday 8th April was a beautiful day for 12 of our Year 7/8 students to represent our school in the annual “Top Schools Competition” hosted by Te Kowahi school.

Students met up at 8:30am at the venue and spent time getting to know the rules and the setup of the games.

20 schools enter the event (10 Year 5/ 6 teams and 10 Year 7/ 8 teams). The competition is based on the old “Top Town” regional events that use to be aired on TV during the 80s & 90s.

Teams compete in 10 events with 12 minutes to complete various tasks for each game. They are all very different and points can be accumulated by:

  • How much water can be filled up in a certain type of container.

  • How much distance can be made.

  • How many objects can be caught in the time given.

  • Sportsmanship & fairplay attitude

  • Working as a team.

Te Rapa Primary School continued their winning ways by being Top Schools Champions for 2018.

It was fantastic to see our student athletes show positive teamwork, willingness to give every their best and to exceed the challenges set before them. It was amazing day for them!!

Top Schools has been running for the past 13 years and Te Rapa Primary School has now won it or the 10th time. A massive accomplishment for all students in our school, past and present, who have competed in this wonderful event.

Thank you to all our families, staff, ex-students and friends of Te Rapa Primary School who came out to support us for the day. 

“My favourite event was Catching Flies. It was great event to be a part of as a Year 8 student, knowing that this is my last year at Te Rapa Primary School.”

Mya Pilcher

“I also liked the Catching Flies event as you had to have good hand-eye coordination to catch the objects and good strength to hit the “flies” to your partner.”

Tiare Parker

“I really enjoyed Top Schools because our team really got on well and we all knew what we had to do. I really liked the Wheelie Slippery and Wipeout events.”

Oliver O’Connor

“I loved doing the Wheelie Slippery event because you got to slide under tunnels and you got really wet.”

McGregor Morrison

“I loved the Wipeout game because you could throw sponges at people while they were carrying their cups of water. I’m glad I got selected in the team and that we won it again as it’s my last year at school.”

Kade Su’a

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Year 3/4 Swimming Sports

Posted on 4 April 2018

Our swimming sports were held on 14th of March.


YEAR 3&4

Swimming Sports 2018


I won for Matai the starfish competition and was puffed out at the end. I was nervous when all the parents were watching me. Ocean Penny

When I heard my name get called out I felt pretty nervous and then I got in the water and it was freezing cold! I got in anyway. When I had finished all my events I felt so proud because I had come second in both heats and in the finals I came FIRST!

Blake Cosgrove

I was nervous until I had to get up and manu. I jumped and did my best manu. I came in second place on my first jump. BUT… I had a comeback and took first place on my final jump.                      Manaia Philburn


On Wednesday I went to the swimming sports. I went swimming in the sparkly white pool. It was freezing. It was like an ice cube.                              

Niamh Marsh

When I cheered for Totara I almost lost my voice and it was awesome.     

Rashid Abdelrazeq

Zoom! The race had started. I moved my arms as fast as a flash of lightning. I could hear Rimu House cheering for ME! I never had swum a whole length before. Even though I came last it was still fun and I was proud of my swimming.


Haylee Anderson

I felt excited because it was swimming sports day. My favourite part was the coin collecting. I got lots!                     

Layla MacCulloch



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2018 PCT Report

Posted on 29 March 2018

PCT Challenge at Melville Intermediate March 1st 2018

On Thursday 1st March, Te Rapa Primary School sent 10 students to compete in the 2018 Waikato

Regional PCT Competition.

The students were split evenly into 2 teams - Te Rapa Red and Te Rapa Blue. The competition was hosted by Melville Intermediate School where all the field activities were held. The swimming event, which was the last competition of the day, was held at the Gallagher Aquatic Centre.

48 schools competed in events such as the PCT (Physical Competency Test) course, the 20M car push, Strategy Thinking/ Problem Solving test and the swimming relays.

It was a tough competition with so many schools there, but the teams had lots of fun. Overall, Te Rapa Blue came 19th and Te Rapa Red placed 20th.

Both teams would like to thank the parent support with transport to and from the venue, as well as supervising and cheering the teams on.



Some thoughts about the day:

"I liked the Strategy Thinking/ Problem Solving activity because you had to

sometimes think outside the box and not over-complicate it.” - Tiare Parker

"My favourite part of the day was the car push because we kept improving our times the more we did it.” - Mya Pilcher

"I really enjoyed the physical challenges, especially the ones that got us competing against other schools and we ended up muddy and dirty!” - Oliver O’Connor



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E Pro 8 Success

Posted on 31 January 2018

Winner of the 2017 Year 5/6 Great Waikato E Pro 8 Engineering Challenge

1st Equal in the 2017 Year 7/8 Great Waikato E Pro 8 Engineering Challenge 

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Indoor Bowls

Posted on 31 January 2018

 Waikato Indoor Bowls pairs Champions 2017 Year 7/8 Boys and Girls 

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