Te Rapa Primary

Te Rapa Primary School

Water Polo

Te Rapa has been a consistent presence in the Waikato Water Polo Intermediate competition.  We regularly make the semifinals and occasionally get into the finals.  Our senior team is the Te Rapa Turbos.

Trainings are held on Thursdays from 4-5pm at Waterworld, Te Rapa.  This is a good opportunity to give it a try as you can train without having to pay the fees to play.

Games are played in the divewell at Waterworld on Sunday afternoons, usually between 2-6:30pm.  Depending on entries, Intermediate water polo is split into 2 divisions.

School competitions are run in Term 1, Term 3 and Term 4.

There are no school games in Term 2 as Waikato Water Polo run a competition mixing players from schools.  


Flippaball is based on Water Polo, but made easier.  It is open to Year 5 and 6 students although occasionally a strong Year 4 player will be invited.  Year 4 players are invited to play, as a team, in Term 4.  In Flippaball, players are allowed to stand on the bottom of the pool whilst passing or defending although they are not allowed to move with the ball, unless they are swimming.  This year Flippaball will only be played in Term 1 and Term 4 and will be played at St. Peter's School, Cambridge in their outdoor pool.  It is important that a student wishing to play is tall enough to have their head above the water level.  

For any further information contact Rachel Brady, Room 6.

If you're not sure, come and give it a try!