Te Rapa Primary

Te Rapa Primary School

Term 3

Mr Hamish Marsh Rm18

Exciting events and learning we have to look forward to are outlined below:

The Bigger Picture - Our production this year is a variety show where a group of primary aged students share their ideas about how people live their lives so differently. Just because life is different and can challenge us or make us feel uncomfortable, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong or right...it's just different…

The main cast has been busy learning their lines during Term 2, the dance groups have been announced and practices will begin Week 1.

Mathematics - Streamed ‘Connecting the Strand ‘classes continue to focus on Measurement,Geometry and Algebra.  ‘Prime Maths’ continue to focus on Fractions/Decimals and Measurement/Statistics 

We also have two teams busily training for the Waikato Waimath competition.

Writing - Speeches will be a focus for the first few weeks preparing for our Syndicate Speech competition in Week 6.   Classes will also continue to work on specific writing and recrafting skills. We will finish the term writing short stories.

Grammar - Continue to develop knowledge of spelling patterns, word origins, sentence structures and new vocabulary. 

Reading - Guided Reading skills:  Critical thinking ,Reorganisation and Synthesising Novel Study - Complex Plots/Themes/Reading Mileage  Guided Reading:  Inference and Evaluation  

Inquiry - Individual Inquiry(Passion Project): Inquiry Question: How can I use my passion to give back to my community? Student will lead their own inquiry driven by their passion while finding a way to use their passion to benefit others.

Physical Education and Health -  We will begin the term finishing off ‘The Sexuality Road’, we have four lessons to go so this will be completed by Week 3.  Our PE focus for Term 3 will be Fitness  and  GAMES - Encouraging teamwork and leadership.

ICT- A range of activities to develop skills using Google Docs, Slides, Sheets and Forms within our classroom programmes. All classes are using technology as a tool to assist our learning on a daily basis. We will also continue to use our eportfolios to share our learning.

Te Rapa H.E.A.R.T - Each fortnight a different aspect of H.E.A.R.T will be the focus with one student from each class receiving the class award.                                                                                               

Important Dates

    • Week 1- Technicraft new sessions - Rm 18,20,21 (am) Rm 17,19 (pm)

    • Week 2 - Mid Year Conferences/NEMP (selected Yr 8 students)

    • Week 3 -Sports Photos/ Ham-West Sports

    • Week 4 - Waimaths/Looking to Lead Student Councillors

    • Week 5 -  Classroom speech finals/Yr 7 Vision Testing/ Full School Assembly

    • Week 6 - Syndicate Speech Finals.

    • Week 7 -WFPS  Regional Speech Finals/ICAS Digital and Science/Netball and     Hockey Prizegiving

    • Week 8 - ICAS Writing and Spelling/WFPS Cross Country

    • Week 9 - ICAS Maths and English/WFPS Speech Finals

    • Week 10 - Production Week/ Full School Assembly and end of Term