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Welcome to Room 19 for 2019! - Term 2
 I hope everyone has enjoyed their Easter break and you are ready to launch into a Term of learning around the theme of 'Discovering Me'. Sadly, I say goodbye to Room 19 at the end of week 5. However, students get to start their exciting adventure with a new teacher from Week 6 onwards.  Thank you to all parents for their support during my time here at Te Rapa Primary.
 Keep an eye out for our Term 2 Syndicate newsletter during the first few days of school.
Marian Conder 

Learning Areas


Students will start the term with a guided reading focus of inferencing (reading inbetween the lines) then move into reorganising information to support research questions. We will also be investigating the skills of note-taking, paraphrasing without plagarising to support our Inquiry learning.


With the theme of 'Discovering Me' our Term 2 Inquiry will consist of a combination of topics. They will include; nutrition, body functions (science focus), fitness, self-esteem and the Sexuality Road programme.

P.E. and Health

Health and Physical Education will come under the umbrella of our Inquiry Learning this Term. Students will work on fitness, running style and endurance in preparation for our school Cross Country which has been moved to Term 2 this year. The big event will be at the end of Week 5 - all parents welcome.


All streamed math classes will continue from where they left off last term. A range of number knowledge skills, problem solving and the Prime Mathematics Programme will continue for Room 19 Math class.


This term we are beginning by addressing learning needs identified from last term. This includes work around complex sentences, maintaining tense, paragraphing and developing quality vocabulary use. Then we move into language techniques that help to support short story writing.


We will continue to develop knowledge of spelling patterns, word origins, sentence structures and new vocabulary. We will also be focusing on proofreading & editing skills.

Student Reflection

Room 19 students will take turns to share a piece of their work in this space.


Mrs Hoskin will be taking Room 19 for Spanish lessons over the course of the year.

Technicraft - Hamilton Junior High School
This year, Room 17 and 19 will be the first group, leaving school at 8:45am. Your child will need to arrive at school by 8:30am for the daily roll each Thursday in Term 1. Please make sure your child comes to school in covered shoes for technicraft due to health and safety regulations. Students travel by bus to Hamilton Junior High School for classes and return by 12pm.

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History For Kids

Important Dates

E-PRO 8 - 8th May Maeroa Intermediate 5-8pm

Young Leaders Day - Tuesday 14th May

Full School Assembly - Friday 31st May

Full School Cross Country - Friday 31st May

Tough Guy/Gal - Friday 7th June

Sports Camp - 10th-14th June

Northwest Sports Day - Friday 21st June

Full School Assembly- Friday 5th July
(Last Day of School)