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Te Rapa Primary School

Welcome Back To Room 19
Term 3 

An exciting term ahead with conferences, speeches, cross country, Waimaths, camp fundraising and the School Spelling Bee in the mix. Students will be focusing on learning goals derived from their next learning steps and key competency personal goals. Please touch base any time to see what we are doing or check on your child’s progress.

Learning Areas


Our reading comprehension  focuses for this term are Reorganisation and Evaluation. Our programme will also include developing research and paraphrasing skills to prepare us for essay writing.


Our main focus for this term will be “Enterprise” making connections to the purpose of advertising and persuasion.


The focus for Term 3 will be building stamina and endurance through running to prepare for our Whole School Cross Country.  Please make sure your child has a change of suitable clothing for P.E. as we train for our cross country event this term.


Streamed classes continue to focus on Measurement and Geometry to begin the term and Prime Math class have a focus of fractions and statistics. We also have two teams busily training for the Waikato Waimaths competition.


A paragraphing and complex sentence recap will begin the term, then speeches will be a major focus for the first few weeks, preparing for our Syndicate speech competition in Week 6.  Following this, students will be learning how to opinion based essays.


 Continue to develop knowledge of spelling patterns, word origins, sentence structures and new vocabulary. We will also be focusing on proofreading & editing skills


These will continue on a Monday afternoons and cover a range of curriculum areas such as: Languages: Mandarin, ICT:Powtoon, Design Tech:Lego, Drama Skills, Musical Performance.

This term our class will attend technicraft during the afternoon session, leaving school at 11:50 and returning by 3pm.

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