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Room 17

Welcome back to Term 3

It is shaping up to be another busy term with lots of exciting opportunities for our students to be involved in. A reminder that parent/student/teacher conferences are in week 3. You will receive your child's progress statement and their learning goals will be discussed. Ensure that you have made a booking through school interviews. www.school.interviews.co.nz

What have we been up to

Over the past term we have been focussing on report writing. They were given items from a soldier in WW1 and then had to research who this item belonged to. This involved them looking through WW1 archives and the online cenotaph. This was a challenging task but thoroughly enjoyable. Check out some of Room 17's awesome reports.

To complete Term 2 we looked at Poetry. We wrote and completed a free verse memory poem using the following sentence starters.

I am all the things of my past
I am all I see and hear
I am all I have been taught and I remember
The class had to select a memory or memories from their childhood and write about how they impacted them or taught them a lesson. We got some fantastic pieces from the class which they should be very proud of.
Here are some examples below.

Ashvin Peiris

Julia Sharratt

Nik Wilson

Term 3 Focuses

Students will be focused on developing complex sentence structures and later in the term imagery will be the focus.

Developing knowledge of spelling patterns, word origins, sentence structures and new vocabulary

Students will be completing a Novel Study using the text Wonder by R. J. Palacio.


We will be carrying on with Number focussing on fractions, decimals and percentages initially.

Students will  look into physical and chemical change within kitchen science. Using the scientific method to carry out investigations. 

Physical Education
Weekly rotation of Winter Sports skills. Jump Jam in the MPR when the weather is unfavourable.

Activities to develop skills using Google Apps to support learning within our classroom programmes.

Report Writing
We will be completing a report for our ANZAC soldier research last term.


As part of our ‘Positive Behaviour for Learning’ school wide programme we will be focusing upon “Te Rapa H.E.A.R.T” this term. Te Rapa H.E.A.R.T incorporates the school values we already have and will be part of everything we do at school. This term we will be developing our class understanding of each aspect of H.E.A.R.T. We will be co-constructing what each aspect looks like, feels like and sounds like within our school environment.

Key Dates

Week 2

ICAS-Digital Technologies
Mother’s Day Sunday 13th May

Week 5
ICAS Science
Arbor Day
Full School Assembly

Week 7
Sports Camp Week
Gymsport Festival
Epro-8 Challenge
Ag Field Days

Week 3
Young Leaders Day
Sports Camp parent meeting-Wednesday 7pm, Rm 21

Week 6
Queen’s Birthday Holiday
ICAS-Spelling and Writing
Tough Guy/Girl Challenge

Week 8
Whanau Hui 7pm in the staffroom.
Student teacher completes practicum in 21

Week 9
Looking To Lead- Student Council

Week 10
Full School Assembly