Te Rapa Primary

Te Rapa Primary School

Welcome TO rOOM 17 2019!

I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer break and have had the opportunity to spend time with family and friends. A big welcome to all my students, it is a very exciting new chapter in my teaching career by coming into the the Yr 7/8 syndicate. I look forward to getting to know you all and to re-acquaint myself with those I have taught before in the Yr 5/6 syndicate.

Brief outline of learning areas for Term 1:

Reading - guided focus - comprehension - understanding themes and characters in a shared class novel. We will also work through a series of shared readings to discover and learn about famous leaders.

Writing - grammar, punctuation, spelling, vocab development, personal recounts and biographies.

Maori - Pepeha (as part of our Inquiry focus: belonging), maori culture and beliefs and classroom instructions.

Mathematics - Number and Algebra (streamed classes). Rm 17 Math class- Primemaths.

ICT - Developing Google Docs skills, collaborative tasks and E-portfolios.

Inquiry - Big Idea -Belonging and Leadership

Health and P.E. - Kiwi Swim Safe Swimming Programme, team building games and investigating the impact of leadership on peer relationships.

Arts - Visual Art - Three dimensional/perspective drawing, creating our own Te Rapa Tartan design and hot seating drama activities to portray the lives of great leaders.

Technicraft- Visual Art, Soft Materials, DVC-electronics, Food Technology


As part of our ‘Positive Behaviour for Learning’ school wide programme we will be focusing upon “Te Rapa H.E.A.R.T” this term. Te Rapa H.E.A.R.T incorporates the school values we already have and will be part of everything we do at school. This term we will be developing our class understanding of each aspect of H.E.A.R.T. We will be co-constructing what each aspect looks like, feels like and sounds like within our school environment.


Technicraft is each Thursday (unless advised) and is broken into two groups. This year, Room 17 and 19 will be the first group, leaving school at 8:45am. Your child will need to arrive at school by 8:30am for the daily roll each Thursday in Term 1. Please make sure your child comes to school in covered shoes for technicraft due to health and safety regulations. Students travel by bus to Hamilton Junior High School for classes and return by 12pm.

If your child is absent on a technicraft day, please ring into the school office before 8:30am. The first day of technicraft is Thursday the 14th February. Students will get further information from HJHS during this session.  Please discuss with your child the responsibility they have to adhere with HJHS behaviour expectations.


Attached to this letter is your child’s stationery list. It would be appreciated if all students had their stationery asap. I would really like all students to begin in their books by Week 3. Covering student books is not compulsory, however naming all items is critical. Students will have opportunities in class during the first week to do this.


We will have swimming lessons every day using the Kiwi Swim Safe Programme. Swimming is compulsory so if your child cannot swim on a particular day, a note written by an adult is required. Suitable swimwear at school: Boys- shorts and/or rash top.  Girls - one piece swimming togs, shorts can be worn over togs if wanted. (no bikinis at school please).


Please remind your child to use sunscreen everyday before school and to bring a sunhat to school. We have extra sunscreen here at school to top up with during the day. Students are also encouraged to have a water bottle in class for hydration.


During the first week of school, students will be introduced to their homework. Homework will usually be done over a two week period, however, the first cycle will only be one week due to Week 1 being only two days long. A homework guide will be sent home in the front of the homework book so there is no confusion about what needs to be done.


The senior school offers students many opportunities to exercise leadership skills in a range of activities. This is your child’s opportunity to extend themselves and prepare for high school. Please encourage them to discuss with you the types of goals they have as a senior student and what they would like to achieve. Students need to remember to listen out for notices and to step forward when various opportunities are offered.

Parent/Teacher Contact

You are welcome to contact me through email or phone message. If you would like to visit you are welcome to drop in however, I would advise you make an appointment for lengthy queries.

Important Dates

  • Orientation Evening - Thursday 14th February

  • Y7/8 Immunisation Education- Wednesday 20th February- 10am

  • PAT Testing Week 4

  • Full School Assembly - Friday 8th March

  • Swimming Sports –Wednesday 13th March

  • Class and Portrait Photos – Wednesday 27th March

  • Information Evening - Sexuality Education
    - (more information will follow soon) - Thursday 28th March

  • Top Schools Games- date TBC

  • Conferences Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th April

  • End of Term and Full School Assembly - 12th April