Te Rapa Primary

Te Rapa Primary School

 Mr Josh Louden

Dear Students, Parents and Caregivers,

Hello and welcome back to our existing Te Rapa families and those joining us in the 2018 school year.  Our Year 5 and 6 team teachers hope that you have all had a wonderful time with your family and friends over the Christmas holidays and have enjoyed the summer. As a team we look forward to starting the year. This term is already turning out to be action packed with loads of opportunities for learning…and of course, CAMP.  This newsletter is an introduction of our team members, team events and organisation for this term.                                       

Term 1 Activities

Written Language – Recount, Instructions, Developing Vocabulary to suit a task and proof-reading and editing skills

Reading – Guided Silent Reading, Blooms Taxonomy Tasks, Recounts

Maths – Maths knowledge (basic facts, place value, fractions), PRIME Mathematics Programme

Inquiry/Big Idea – Belonging and Citizenship: What are my responsibilities/roles in society?

Maori – Mihi and greetings

Arts – Portraits and visual art related to camp

Health & PE – Swimming and Triathlon, Fitness Circuits

Competencies & Values – Learning Logs – Reflection on learning

Assessment – Running Records, Journal Reading Assessment, Writing Samples, PAT’s, Essential List Spelling & Basic Facts


Please make sure that your child has swimming gear at school every day.  If they are unable, they must have a note explaining why it is they are not swimming.  If possible, I also ask that your child has a pair of goggles; these really help them to become much more confident in the water.  We ask that girls swim in one piece togs, please. This year’s Syndicate Swimming Sports will be held on Thursday 15th March.


On Wednesday 7th March our students will take part in a syndicate triathlon. All students will take part in the individual event as we are encouraging a ‘Have a Go’ attitude. They will swim 4 lengths of the school pool and then cycle and run around the council fields. It would be advised that they practise riding their bike on grass as this can be quite a challenge if they are not used to it. A notice will come out shortly with more information.

Our elite triathletes will then have a chance to compete in the Interschool Northwest Triathlon held at Te Rapa Primary on Tuesday 20th March.


In the week following camp we will be completing some very important testing. If students are away for this it can be difficult to catch up. Please ensure your child is ready to start the day at 9am.



We are in the final planning stages of our Week 3 (19-23 February) Camp to Karakariki. Please ensure your child is beginning to prepare the necessary gear for their time away. Also ensure the full $130 is paid in full to the school office by Monday the 12th of February. 

Sun Smart

We would like to see all students being sun smart in the summer months and we would ask you to encourage them to dress appropriately for the sun, bring a sun hat and also apply sun block at home before coming to school. All classes will have sunblock available for students to reapply when they need to during the day. We also encourage all students to have water bottles in class to keep hydrated.

Up and Coming Events for Term 1

Orientation Evening: Thursday 15th February

Camp: Room 16 departs on Wednesday 21st February, 9am and return Friday 23rd February, 3pm

Year 5/6 Triathlon: Wednesday 7th March

Year 5/6 Swimming Sports: Thursday 15th March

Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences: Wednesday 11th April and Thursday 12th April

If you have any queries regarding camp or anything else please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards

Josh Louden