Te Rapa Primary

Te Rapa Primary School


Meet Gill and Stacy. They will go with our class everywhere to help and support our learning.

Nature Table

So much to look at and explore.  Most of these things were found on our holidays


Our tadpoles became 3 frogs and have now got a new home at Lucas' farm in the country.  They will live a happy life there.

Term 2 Overview of Learning:

Literacy - Human Body focus for Oral, written and Reading

Oral: Viewing and Presenting speeches. Providing valuable feedback to peers as well as using those skills to write and present own speech

Written - Creating writing for specific purposes and audiences.  Choosing topic specific vocabulary to extend writing

Reading to - Responding to fiction novel in both verbal and written form.  We are reading ‘Fing” by David Walliams so if you have any possibility of buying the book or loaning from the library that would be wonderful.

Reciprocal Reading - focusing on Non-Fiction material with a variety of follow up tasks to extend their thinking around body systems and processes

Maths – PR1ME Mathematics Programme

Discovering Me: Sexuality Road delivered through the Health curriculum.  See further details below

Maori – Kapahaka, Maori Language – The Body/Clothing, Food and Calendar

Arts – Friday Rotation involving Dance, Drama, Music, Science, Technology and Simple Coding. Sculpting and making in a Human Body context, continuation of art skills session to build on basic concepts

Health & PE Cross Country - Track running and fitness games to build endurance

Nature Area: Links to science and curiosity there will be ‘surprise seedlings’ growing throughout the term.  Students will have the opportunity sometime over the term to bring home one to grow. Given the weather cooling off, if you are able to maintain it inside, it would be wonderful to hear your results. We managed to end up with two frogs ast term and they have been rehomed with Lucas Foster.  Thank you for that Lucas.