Te Rapa Primary

Te Rapa Primary School

Room 13 Term 2

Welcome back to Term 2.  I hope you have all had a wonderful time with family and friends over the break.  This term sees us busy with the following events outlined below. We hope that you are able to join us whenever possible.

Room 13 welcomes Miss Sarah Bain from the University of Waikato from the beginning of this term. She will be with our class for 8 weeks and in this time will be teaching some groups and some whole class lessons. 

Term 2 Activities

Literacy - Human Body Reciprocal Reading

Written Language – Information Reports, Topic Sentence and Paragraph Development, Proofreading and Editing Skills

Speeches - Writing and presenting speeches on a topic of their choice

Reading – Reciprocal Reading - focusing on Non-Fiction material with a variety of follow up tasks to extend their thinking and development around a topic

Maths – PR1ME Mathematics Programme

Discovering Me: Sexuality Road

Maori – Kapahaka, Maori Language – The Body/Clothing and Food

Arts – Friday Rotation involving Dance, Drama, Music, Science, Technology and Simple Coding

Health & PE Cross Country - Track running and fitness games to build endurance


As part of our English Programme for the second half of this term the students will be writing and presenting speeches. This will begin in 5 with our class speeches in Week 9 and Team Finals in Week 10. I encourage you to take an interest in their work and discuss ideas with them but the writing of the speech needs to be done at school to ensure the competition is fair. Practising their speech for an audience at home is a great way to help build the confidence needed to present in front of their peers.

Home Learning

In Term 2 the students of Room 13 will begin a fortnightly Home Learning Choice Board . The children have input into the optional activities so please be encouraging them to complete these as some of them are designed to benefit you. Whether it is helping cook dinner, doing chores or even give you a relaxing massage! The items listed on the contract with a   next to it are ‘Must Do’ activities and need to be completed and signed by a parent/caregiver

Important Dates

Wednesday 8th May - Paid Union meeting (School finishes at 12.30)

Friday 10th May - Mad Hair Day

Friday 31st May - Full School Assembly

Friday 31st May - Cross Country

Monday 3rd June - Queen's Birthday

Friday 7th June - Tough Guy/Gal

Friday 21st June - Northwest Sports Day

Tuesday 2nd July - Team Speech Finals

Friday 5th July - Full School Assembly