Te Rapa Primary

Te Rapa Primary School

What's happening in Room 14 in Term 2...

Literacy - Human Body

Written Language – Information Reports, Topic Sentence and Paragraph Development, Proofreading and Editing Skills

Speeches - Writing and presenting speeches on a topic of their choice

Reading – Reciprocal Reading - focusing on Non-Fiction material with a variety of follow up tasks to extend their thinking and development around a topic

Continuing to use Literacy Pro both at home and school

Maths – PR1ME Mathematics Programme and focusing on developing knowledge and problem solving skills

Discovering Me - Sexuality Road

Maori – Kapahaka, Maori Language – The Body/Clothing, Food or Calendar

Arts – Friday Rotation involving Dance, Drama, Music, Science, Technology and Simple Coding

Health & PE Cross Country - Track running and fitness games to build endurance

Cross Country training begins in Week 1 so please ensure your child has the appropriate gear to take part in this. 

We continue to focus being Independent learnersThis encourages our students to take charge of being ready to learn and also helps them to monitor their own learning.  This learning will help to ensure that they will be prepared for future years of learning.

Key Dates for Term 2

  • Wednesday 8th May - Paid Union meeting (School finishes at 12.30)

  • Friday 10th May - Mad Hair Day

  • Friday 31st May - Full School Assembly

  • Friday 31st May - Cross Country

  • Monday 3rd June - Queen's Birthday

  • Friday 7th June - Tough Guy/Gal

  • Friday 21st June - Northwest Sports Day

  • Tuesday 2nd July - Team Speech Finals

  • Friday 5th July - Full School Assembly

I look forward to seeing you throughout Term 2. If you have any questions or concerns about events in Term 2 please feel free to contact me.