Te Rapa Primary

Te Rapa Primary School

Room 14 Term 4

It is incredible to think how fast this year has disappeared. I hope you enjoyed the holidays and managed to find some warm weather to soak up when the sun was out. 

Term 4 promises to be another busy term with a lot going on in the classroom and many school events scheduled.

Term 4 Activities

Written Language – Advertising, Persuasive Writing, Figurative Language and Poetry

Reading – Guided Silent Reading (Non-Fiction and Fiction) and Blooms Taxonomy Tasks, Novel Studies

Maths – PR1ME Mathematics Programme and Basic Facts and number knowledge

Big Idea–Enterprise - Consumers and Market Day - Entrepreneurs have a plan to be successful in their business

Health & PE – Athletics, Swimming (when weather permits), Puberty and Hygiene - more information to come later in the term

Maori – Kapahaka and Maori Language - Legends, Instructions and Classroom Objects

Competencies & Values – Learning Logs – Goal Setting, Reflecting on Learning


With Athletics on Thursday 15th November (Postponement Date is Tuesday 20th November) this term, children will begin practising the different events that will take place from Week 1 of the term. Children will rotate around each activity they will compete in on Athletics Day in the first 4/5 weeks of the term to ensure they are exposed to each event before Athletics Day. Please ensure your child has appropriate clothing to take part in these activities.

This year there is the introduction of an 800m race at the Interschool event. We will be running this separately on Monday 12th November at 1.30pm. This will be for those students who wish to run the event, it will not be compulsory for 2018.

Those children who make it into the Interschool team will compete on Tuesday 4th December at Porritt Stadium.

More information will come early in Term 4 regarding timing of the day and indicating if you are able to help out on our Year 5/6 Athletics day at Te Rapa Primary School.


Swimming will hopefully begin in the later part of Term 4, weather dependent. Further information will come home as we get closer to summer.

Sun Smart

With the weather hopefully warming up during Term 4, please encourage your child to bring a hat to school to wear outside during playtime and lunchtime to ensure they are Sun Smart! There is sunblock available for students to reapply when they need to during the day.

Up and Coming Events for Term 4

Parent Camp Meeting for Term 1, 2019: Thursday 18th October, 6:30pm in school Staffroom

Year 5 & 6 Athletics Day at School: Thursday 15th November    

Postponement Date for Athletics (if needed): Tuesday 20th November

Book Fair: Week 6    Book Day: Wednesday 21st November

Whanau Evening: Wednesday 28th November

Year 5 & 6 Disco: Wednesday 5th December 6pm-7:30pm

Interschool Athletics: Tuesday 4th December

Syndicate Big Day Out: Thursday 13th December, more information to come later in the term

Prize Giving – Monday 17th December

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards

Trudie Curtis