Te Rapa Primary

Te Rapa Primary School

Welcome to Room 11 for Term 4.

Welcome to Term 4, back and ready for a busy term with lots on and lots to look forward to. 

Here are Room 11’s focuses for Term 4.

  • Te Rapa H.E.A.R.T – focusing on Honesty, Excellence, Aroha, Respect and Teamwork. How can we integrate H.E.A.R.T into our daily activities, thinking about self-improvement regularly.
  • Reading- Guided & Shared – reading strategies, re-reading, reading on, breaking words down and sounding out words. Buddy reading, comprehension, how to solve words/self- correcting/retelling and using the library well by finding information effectively. Reading research will be an important focus this term learning to understand how to locate information and share findings.  
  • Writing – letter writing, explanation (Science and Technology) and persuasive writing. Using reference sources to improve and upgrade our work.  
  • Maths – children are grouped into ability groups and the major focus is Number. Mathletics is central to learning basic facts and extending our knowledge and strategies.
  • Oral language – how to be good listener and part of an audience. Clear delivery of my research when delivering the information that I share through research projects. 
  • I.C.T – Using Information Communication and Technology to research certain topics and deliver back my findings. Using various publishing programmes/Comic Life. 
  • P.E –Team Building, Fitness and Athletics and Swimming as our main focuses.
  • Inquiry – Technology – Inquiry focus on planning, changing/adapting and improving flight.  
  • Maori – Greetings/Farewells/Feelings/Calendar/Marae/Kapahaka.
  • Art – Baseline sketching and drawing/modelling – school wide art comp.

Thank you for your support

Matt Foster