Te Rapa Primary

Te Rapa Primary School

Mrs Sarah Shearer



One of our Syndicate focuses is to encourage children to develop their independence. We ask that they are responsible for unpacking their bag in the morning, bringing in their book bag, changing their reader (and writing the title in) and returning slips to the appropriate person.


Hockey, Netball, Miniball, Gymnastics, Year 3/4 Competition Jump Jam Team and Kids for Kids Choir are available this term so keep an eye out for notices. Convenors for these sports are: 

Matt Foster (Room 11) Hockey; 

Trudie Curtis (Room 14) Netball; 

Michelle Foster (Room 3) Miniball; 

Sarah Shearer (Room 10) Kids for Kids Choir; 

Sarah Shearer and Melissa Larsen (Room 7 and 10) Year 3/4 Competition Jump Jam Team; 

Melissa Larsen (Room 7) Gymnastics

Term 2 - What’s happening:

Guided and Shared Reading: Fiction and non-fiction texts, features of and differences, daily guided reading (learning to read and reading to learn skills), weekly Big Book and/or Poem

Oral Language: Listening, speaking and questioning skills, Circle Time
Writing: Developing writing skills, descriptive, poetic and diary writing, creating super sentences, planning, proofreading and editing skills

Children will be cross grouped by ability across five classes

Handwriting Skills  posture, grip, book layout, underlining and ruling off, shape, size, slope, fluency, pen licenses

Spelling: Psuedo word tests and Switched onto Spelling Programme, weekly spelling words and rules 

I.C.T. and Thinking Skills:  Thinker’s Keys, word processing skills using a range of programmes

Circle Time: Use Circle Time as a tool to teach skills such as friendship, cooperation, problem solving and conflict resolution

P.E. and Health: Large and small ball skills/games

Arts: Drama skills and freeze frames, Te Rapa Heart Art, Maori Myths and Legends Art

Inquiry: “Eureka - I can do it, I worked it out!” Science and Technology Inquiry Learning based on Archimedes inventionsBig Ideas: Discovery can happen through mistakes and it is O.K. to fail, problem solving is related to a need

Underlying Concept: That Science and Technology involve problems, trials, mistakes and solutions

Deep Understandings: Problem solving is about finding a solution, solutions involve trial and error and that we can use what scientists from the past have learned to help us solve new problems

Te Rapa H.E.A.R.T.: focusing on the acronym to teach citizenship skills                           
H= Honesty,

Maori: Greetings, farewells, Mihi/Family, Classroom Equipment, Maori Myths and Legends