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Thursday  18th October was national Shake Out Day. Remember to drop, cover and hold in the event of an earthquake. It could save your life!!!

Grace Goodman

New Zealand had the biggest earthquake ever in 2011. It was in Christchurch and 185 people died in the earthquake.

Taylor Matehaere 
Did you know that Christchurch had the worst destructive disaster in New Zealand? It was an earthquake. Before the earthquake the Cathedral was okay but then out of nowhere came a gigantic earthquake. After the Cathedral was sadly a piece of rubble. The earthquake left 185 people tragically dead and thousands injured. It happened in 2011.

Emma Meadows

Seven years ago New Zealand's largest natural disaster occured in Christchurch. It was an earthquake, so big it took down many huge buildings. 185 people lost their lives  but thousands were injured. Did you know earthquakes only last a few seconds but can cause severe damage, such as wildfires, tsunamis and flooding.

What's Are We Learning?

-Purpose of the author in both Fiction and nonfiction texts
-Being detectives (looking for evidence to support our views)
-Vocabulary development
-Super sentences and paragraphs. Powerful sentences: 'adjective, noun, verb, adverb' no weasel words in between) to make our writing more descriptive
-Proofreading and editing.
-Giving and receiving feedback.
SPELLING: Word Work Stage 1
MATHS: PR1ME in Room 9
INQUIRY: Technology: Kites
P.E: ATHLETICS (run, Jump and Throw) and Swimming
ART: Manu Tukutuku (Kite Art)

Key Dates For Your Diary

Week 1: Friday-Mathletics Assembly
Week 5:
Friday-Full School Assembly
Week 6: Book Week
Week 6: Friday-Year 3 and 4 Athletics Day
Week 7: Wednesday-Parent Helpers Morning Tea and Whanau Evening 6:30
Week 8: Tuesday-Interschool Athletics
Week 9: Tuesday-Market Day
Week 9: Thursday-Disco
Week 9: Friday-Full School Assembly
Week 10: Monday-Prize giving
Week 10: Tuesday-Mathletics Assembly 
Week 10: Wednesday-Reports Home
Week 10: Last Day of 2018 school year!