Te Rapa Primary

Te Rapa Primary School

 Room 9 term 4 2019

Mistakes are part of learning in Room 9...

Watch 'The Dot' below
What can't you do...'YET'?  How do you think you can build up to being able to do it?
 Remember: The brain works like a muscle, that can only grow through hard work, determination, and lots and lots of practice


Stupid But Cute

My fluffy round ball

Always playful or scratchy

Lazy, but kills birds

Gemma Tynan


Hang around the house

Cute ears, small spots, scared of dogs

Grey, fluffy hairballs

Isaac Smith

Learning Questions in Room 9 

Literacy: Am I including all criteria in my writing? Is my message clear for the audience? Can I improve my writing by upgrading words or extending sentences? Have I used interesting adjectives, verbs and adverbs?
Can I use suffixes like ed to show past tense? What is a plural? Do I know the two words a contraction is short for?
Can i use evidence from the text to answer questions like 'how do you know that? How are fiction and non fiction texts different?

Maths: Do I know my addition and subtraction facts to and from 20? Why should I know a division fact for each known multiplication fact? What have I been leaning about in PR1ME, number, statistics or geometry? What gold for glory am I achieving in my reviews? Have I got any pink to think?

i-Time: How have I demonstrated my learning in different subjects on Seesaw? 
P.E: What techniques do I need to use to do a successful jump in long jump; high jump; ball throw and sprint?