Te Rapa Primary

Te Rapa Primary School

 Room 9 term 3 2019

 This term we will be exploring what deep learning means. What is the learning pit? What does Eureka mean?


Have you ever seen a cute pug scurrying around energetically on his short stubby feet? Well I have, and as soon as I did I obviously asked my mum if I could have one. Of course she said no just like any mum would say. Then when I asked why, she just said well darling ,you need to look after yourself, if you want to look after the pug and you have to pick up the disgusting smelly poo and blah blah blah...but mum just look at it's big  shiny puppy eyes,super soft coat...and look at just how fast his teeny weeny tail wags! That means he wants to play! Did you notice it's adorable floppy ears? Just observe that chocolate brown and creamy white colour on his fur! Please ,please, please can I get one? No? After all that explaining about why we should get one,the answer is no? What kind of answer is that? It should always be yes! Oh well maybe I'll buy one myself when I grow up! 

By Sophia Wang

My Dream Dog

Today I'm going to describe my dream dog and that is...drum roll...a pug! His name is Sam the pug. His coat is smooth, a bit scruffy, shiny, white and corn yellow at the top. His nose is damp brown, black and has some holes. His ears are tiny brown, black, bent, low and sharp looking. His eyes are adorable, brown and shiny with a touch of black in the middle. His mood will always be excited and he will behave everyday. I love pugs because they're flappy things. I want to be a pug!

By Finn Healy

Fingerprint Officers, Gillian and Brett Visit Room 9 on the First Day of Term 3

Lewis' Mum and her co worker came to Room 9 on Monday to talk about the job they do to help solve crimes in our community. Watch the you tube clip, you will find it very interesting. We then wrote about our learning.

On Monday Lewis’ mum came in with Brett. Do you know that everyone has different fingerprints? There are three patterns arch, whorl or loop. Also do you know that there is gross sweat on your fingers? Guess wha Lewis’ mum is, I’ll give you 10 seconds, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. I’ll tell you, a fingerprint officer. The brought some special suits in that they wear at crime scenes so they don’t leave any marks.

David Haimona

Everyone has different fingerprints. You could be an arch, whorl or a loop. An arch is the least common to have. Whorls and loops are the most common to have. If you look very close at your fingers or palms you can see what pattern you have. Everyone in Room 9 got fingerprinted thanks to Lewis’ mum and Brett.

Liam Alexander-Root

Do you know who came yesterday? Fingerprint officers and their names were Gillian and Brett. Gillian is Lewis’ mum so Lewis can’t steal the cookies, if he does he will caught. They did our whole class’ fingerprints and we got to keep them. My fingerprint patterns are whorl and loop. Not many people have arch patterns, whorl and loop are the most common.

Liam Paea

Learning Questions in Room 9 

Literacy: What makes a successful poetry recital performance? Can I use my knowledge of syllables to write a haiku poem? Can I use my senses to write a colour poem which builds up a picture in the reader's mind? Am I applying my knowledge of sounds to spell new words? How do I write a factual report?
Maths: Do I know my addition and subtraction facts to and from 20? Why should I know a division fact for each known multiplication fact? What have I been leaning about in PR1ME, number, statistics or geometry? What gold for glory am I achieving in my reviews? Have I got any pink to think?

i-Time: How have I demonstrated my learning in different subjects on Seesaw?
P.E: What skills do I need to improve my catching and throwing of small and large balls? Can I apply the skills I have learned to the game situation?