Te Rapa Primary

Te Rapa Primary School

 Room 9 term 2 2019

 Week 3 is Bullying Free New Zealand Week. the story below demonstrates the power of kindness.

 author's corner

James cooked a spectacular lasagne and it was amazing and there was some broccoli too.

By Bentley White

James cooked a fantastic dinner, lasagne and broccoli. I like lasagne, broccoli not that much, my choice would be carrots but I wasn’t cooking. He has a lovely smile, it looks yum.

By Liam Alexander-Root

For homework we had a chores list and James cooked lasagne for his family. He even got the ingredients from the supermarket. Wow, he’s a superstar. If I could do that I would pick spaghetti bolognaise. He looks proud of himself.

By Jack Ruston

For part of our homework we have to do five chores. James decided that for one of his chores he was going to make dinner for his family. Can you guess what he made? I’ll give you a second to try and figure it out…I can’t be bothered to wait any longer so I’ll just tell you. Drum roll please…lasagne, aka my favourite dinner. This writing has made me hungry.

Summer Pilcher

Learning Questions in Room 9 

Literacy: How will we use Word Work Stage 2 to improve our knowledge of words when we come to spelling an unknown word in our writing? What is a compound sentence? What is a conjunction? What is a noun, verb, adjective and adverb? Can exploring these questions improve our writing? What is Epic and how will it help our reading skills? Can we use Seesaw to deepen our comprehension as well as developing our knowledge of new words?

Inquiry: Science What is a solid, a liquid a gas?

P.E: How can we improve our fitness in preparation for Cross Country in Week 5? Can we work as a Team for the second half of the term to win the Syndicate Jump Jam Competition?

This special class member leaves a GOLD FOR GLORY message each morning for one of his classmates.