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At the end of this term, we have our end of year, Big Day Out. This year our syndicate will visit Te Awamutu Pools for the day. Children have the opportunity to go on the hydroslide and inflatables. The teachers and parents love joining in with the water play as well.

Our Year 4 students can also look forward to a sleepover at school the night before. The pool is open as well as the water slide which is always a hit. We have lots of games in and out of the pool.

 Term 4
Important Dates

Regional Jump Jam Finals - Saturday 27th October in Tauranga - Good luck to our' Totally' Fluoro Team!

Round the Bridges 2km Fun Run - Sunday 18th November

Book Day - Wednesday 21st November

 Year 3/4 Athletics Sports Day - Friday 23rd November 

Year 4 'Sleep Over' - Thursday 6th December

Year 3/4 Big Day Out - Friday 7th December

 Year 3/4 Disco - Thu 13th December,  5-6.30pm

Full of H.E.A.R.T.

Our school use the acronym Te Rapa H.E.A.R.T. This is something we aspire to use in class, the playground and any trips out and about. We use Class Dojo and Friday Fun to reward children for using lots of H.E.A.R.T.
This stands for:
H = Honesty
E= Excellence
A = Aroha
R = Respect
T = Teamwork


What's Happening?

· ENGLISH: Guided and Shared Reading, Handwriting/Writing skills - Letters, Transactional and Persuasive Writing,  Individual Spelling Programmes, Word Work, Big Book and Poems 

· MATHEMATICS: Students are cross grouped for Mathematics so each teachers' programmes will vary

· I.C.T.: Word Processing Skills in Publisher/Word and Comic Life, Research Skills, iMovie and Puppet Pal 


· THINKING SKILLS: Thinker’s Keys – Construction key, Variation Key, Inventions Key. we will revisit all Thinker's Keys already taught this year

· INQUIRY -Technology Focused: Context: let's Fly a Kite, Big Idea: Adaptation can be a change to a challenge

· PE & HEALTH: Athletics and modified games

· ARTS : Poupou and Tukutuku panels which is linked with the Marae unit, Christmas crafts

· MAORI: Kapa Haka, Maori – Marae 

Term 3 Photos with our famous Jump Jam judges, Cindy and Cameron!

A strong, proud way to finish our Jump Jam dance! We added a bit of kiwiana style!

Pate Pate - Dancing to to log Drum. We are waiting for our tropical weather now!