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Welcome back to Term 3!

Poetry Recital

We have our Syndicate Poetry Recital Finals Competition in Week 4. All children will learn then recite a poem to our class in Week 3. Those successful students will be invited to perform again at the finals. There will be four categories, Year 3 Girls, Year 3 Boys, Year 4 Girls and Year 4 Boys. The finals will take place on Friday 17th August. All families of finalists will be contacted closer to the time.

Jump Jam

During the term, we will also be learning a Jump Jam Dance—Pate Pate which we will perform at our Syndicate Jump Jam Competition in Week 10. Once again, we will host Brett Fairweather as our judge. Students will all be costumed and competition is fun but fierce. This competition takes place on Wednesday 26th September.

Cross Country

 In the first few weeks of term, we will also be training for our School Cross Country which will be held in Week 5, Friday 24th August. 

More details about these events will be shared soon.


What's Happening?

· ENGLISH: Guided and Shared Reading, Handwriting/Writing skills - Poetic, Narrative, Individual Spelling Programmes, Word Work, Big Book and Poems, Poetry Recital Competition

· MATHEMATICS: Students are cross grouped for Mathematics so each teachers' programmes will vary

· I.C.T.: Word Processing Skills in Publisher, Research Skills, using iPads

· CITIZENSHIP: Te Rapa H.E.A.R.T.—We will revisit and reinforce the acronym and focus on famous New Zealanders who have been inspirational. Brett Fairweather is very inspirational... and he's visiting our school this term!



  A– Aroha



· THINKING SKILLS: Thinker’s Keys –
The Question Key, What if Key and Commonality Key


  Big Idea: Movement, sound and images are all powerful ways to communicate

  Underlying Concept:  Different cultures have ways of creatively responding to their        environments and shared history

  Context: Nga Toi

  Deep Understandings: Arts happen every day in our community; When we see what      others have   made we can learn more about them.

· PE & HEALTH: Cross Country and our Syndicate Jump Jam Competition

· ARTS : Op Art, Drama Skills about Fairy Tales

· MAORI: Kapahaka/Maori – Instructions, feelings, Calendar, Counting

The Archimedes Screw Technology Challenge

"We learned about the Archimedes screw. Then we designed and made our own. It took some persevering."

Eureka! I did it! I made it!

'We visited the Waikato Museum to learn about Archimedes' inventions. I learned that Archimedes was a very clever man over 2000 years ago. He is famous for the saying, "Eureka". (I did it. I made it!)"

Will my boat float?

"We learned about the Archimedes Principle and used this and other facts learned to help us design a boat that floated. It even had to carry gold."