Te Rapa Primary

Te Rapa Primary School

 Mrs Michelle Middleton



Welcome to Term 2, I hope you had a great holiday. Term 2 is an exciting term for Room 4 as we continue together on our learning adventure, full of wonderful experiences and discoveries.

Our Inquiry topic this term is "Animal Antics”. We will be learning about different animal groups, recognising that living things are suited to their particular habitat and have certain requirements so they can stay alive. Our main focus within our Inquiry will be "Sustainability”. Keep an eye on our Inquiry wall, first ideas, our wonderings and discoveries as the term progresses.

In Mathematics this term we are continuing to focus on addition and subtraction, developing understanding of real life contexts and knowledge activities to help our recall of basic facts, place value and fractions. We will continue to play knowledge games as a whole class and as part of the Mathematics group rotation. The strand focus for this term is "Geometry”.

For Writing our main focus will be "Word Work”, which will be taught four times a week. We will be continuing to write about our personal experiences and describe people, animals including mini reports about animals to link to our Inquiry. We will be learning to write more and to expand on our ideas to include who, what, where and when. We will be working on adding interesting details to our writing including adjectives, verbs and conjunctions.

This term we will be training and participating in "Winter Ball Skills” for P.E.  It is important that we remember to bring suitable clothing for this on Wednesdays.  The rotation will focus on different ball skills such as; kicking, striking, throwing, catching and jumping. The children will also be doing folk dancing within the rotation.

In the DMC this term we are able to now log on and off the computers and we will be looking at the programme "Microsoft Word”, learning to create and save a document and add an image from "google images” to it. We will also be using the programmes: Paint, Kidspix and Kidspiration.

Independence: Thank you very much for your assistance with encouraging children to bring their book bags in and change their readers from their book boxes. If children are choosing their own books they are more likely to want to read them.

It was great to meet and get to know many parents in Term One. Once again feel free to pop in to see what we have been doing, any time before or after school!



Kind regards

Michelle Middleton