Te Rapa Primary

Te Rapa Primary School

 Mrs Michelle Foster

Welcome to Room 3 2018!!

I hope everyone had a fantastic break and managed to spend some time enjoying the amazing summer weather we had.  I am excited about what the new school year has in store for us!

In Room 3 we have 28 fantastic students and I am looking forward to teaching and learning along with my students again this year.

INQUIRY - Our Inquiry for this term is ‘Tools for Learning’.  The students will be thinking, discussing and learning aboutwhat supports them to be a great learner.  The aim is for them to know and understand what helps them with their learning and assists them with being a positive member of any group (family, class, sports team, etc) they belong to. Our school wide "Key Competencies” and "Citizenship with Excellence” programmes fit well with this topic.

MATHS - We will begin our mathematics programme with small numbers to 5 then focusing on forwards and backwards counting.

READING/WRITING - The children in Room 3 will be grouped according to their abilities for our Reading/Writing and Mathematics programmes.  We will be learning basic Maori greetings as well as writing a mihi about our family.

SWIMMING - For our P.E. Programme we are swimming every afternoon for the majority of the first term.  The children in Room 3 look forward to this each day.

As a teacher I enjoy making my lessons interactive to allow the children to connect with their learning.  I am looking forward to watching my students grow and learn in a classroom that is motivating, creative and most importantly fosters learning!!

I look forward to meeting all the parents/caregivers of Room 3 children in the year to come!  Feel free to pop in and see us!!