Te Rapa Primary

Te Rapa Primary School

Hello and welcome to Room 3, Term 3, 2019. 

MATHS - We will be continuing with Prime Maths this term which focuses on addition and subtraction. We will also do some learning about statistics and measurement.

READING/WRITING - Students will be grouped for reading and writing. We will be focusing on developing independence in writing (using a sound card) and cementing our knowledge of all the letters of the alphabet through Yolanda Soryl Phonics. Our handwriting will focus around 'Casey the Caterpillar.'

Maori - We will ;learn about te tinana (the body) me nga kakahu (clothes)

P.E - We will focus on fundamental skills using large balls. We will learn things like catching, throwing, bouncing NS punting and striking.

Inquiry: Our inquiry is titled 'Express Yourself'. This will involve a focus on the arts, with students exploring art, drama, dance and music.