Te Rapa Primary

Te Rapa Primary School

Welcome to Term 4

Our Science Inquiry this term is ‘Let the force be with you’! It will involve us discussing and exploring different types of energy.  We'll be looking at tools we use in everyday life that utilise these forms of energy.  Children will be able to draw on any prior knowledge and information that they have about energy and apply this by predicting what might happen within 6 different science experiments.  The big idea is ‘Change’ and we will be involved in hypothesising, predicting, observing and experimenting.

Room 2 children are becoming so great at co-operating, working together, helping each other, carrying their own school bags and doing their before school jobs independently.

This term we will be continuing to work on:

- Learning and using the sounds of letters, blends and digraphs correctly

- Forming all letters the right way around

- Writing stories, sometimes by ourselves, using all our skills we are learning in Word Work

- Reading with some independence, working out tricky words using strategies like thinking about what the story is about, using the pictures, re-reading and breaking words into groups of letters/sounds

- Counting forwards, backwards, reading, writing, knowing before and after numbers to 100

- Using Poplet and Kidspiration to record our ideas, utilising Sunshine Online and Reading Eggs and apps on the iPads to support our learning

- Practising athletics skills such as long jump, high jump, frisbee and ball throw, sprinting

It is going to be an exciting term as we gain lots more knowledge and new skills!