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Classroom Connections

Term 4 is an exciting term for Room 4 as we continue together on our learning adventure, full of magical experiences and discover. 



Our Science Inquiry entitled “Let the force be with you” involves the students discussing and exploring different types of energies and how they can cause things to change permanently or temporarily.  Students can draw on any prior knowledge and information and apply this by predicting what might happen within different science experiments. The big idea is ‘Change’ and the students will follow the process of predicting, hypothesising and experimenting.

Our term... 

In Mathematics this term we are continuing to focus on addition and subtraction, developing understanding of real life contexts and knowledge activities to help our recall of basic facts, place value and fractions. We will continue to play knowledge games as a whole class and as part of the Mathematics group rotation. The strand focus for this term is “Measurement”.

For Writing we will be continuing to write about our personal experiences and describe people, animals and objects. We will be learning to write more and to expand on our ideas to included who, what, where and when.  We will use the descriptors to help develop details in our writing: Number, Colour, Size, Shape, Doing, Position and Texture.  We will be working on adding interesting details to our writing including adjectives, verbs and conjunctions. We will also be looking at using different word sources to help us to spell and look up the meanings of words.

Reading: Shared and guided reading daily – focusing on retell of main ideas with supporting details and comprehension of fiction and non-fiction texts.

This term we will be training and participating in the "Athletics” for P.E.  It is important that we remember to bring suitable clothing for this on Thursdays.  After the “Athletics” is completed we will continue to focus on “fundamental skills” and “small ball skills”.

In the DMC this term we are able to now log on and off the computers and we will be looking at the programme “Microsoft Word”, learning to create and save a document and add an image from “google images” to it. We will continue to use computer programmes: Kidspiration, Kidspix, Reading Eggs and Paint. We will also be using Google docs to complete writing and add an image that relates to our writing.

Michelle Middleton