Te Rapa Primary

Te Rapa Primary School

Room 4 Term 1 2019

Classroom Connections

Term 1 is an exciting term for Room 4 as we begin our learning adventure together, full of magical experiences and discovery. 



Our Inquiry this term has a Curriculum focus in the learning area of Social Sciences. The Inquiry is entitled “Learning with H.E.A.R.T.”, focusing on the big idea of  "Belonging" to a class, school and community environment. 




In an inclusive classroom, we work together to create a safe and collaborative learning environment.  Inclusive classrooms recognize students learn in different ways and have valuable perspectives to bring to the classroom.


includes caring for one another, implementing safe behaviour and actions toward one another, supporting one another and helping one another,  

Our term... 

In Mathematics this term we are focusing on addition and subtraction, developing understanding of real life contexts and knowledge activities to help our recall of basic facts, place value and fractions.  We will be using a new programme for Maths called Prime Maths. 

We will play knowledge games as a whole class and as part of the Mathematics group rotation. The strand focus for this term is “Statistics”.

For Writing we will be writing about our personal experiences and describe people, animals and objects. We will be learning to write and expand on our ideas to include who, what, where and when.  Later in the term we will learn to use the descriptors to help develop details in our writing: Number, Colour, Size, Shape, Doing, Position and Texture.  

Reading: Shared and guided reading daily – focusing on retell of main ideas with supporting details and comprehension of fiction and non-fiction texts.

This term we will be participating in "Swimming” for P.E.  It is important that we remember to bring our togs and towel in a bag each day because we swim everyday.  After "Swimming" finishes for the term when the weather is no longer suitable, we will continue to focus on “fundamental skills” and “ball skills”.

Our Library day is Friday. It is important that students bring their book bag everyday to school. If they do not return their library book on Friday, the students will not be able to get a new one. Finally "No Book bag - no library book".

Michelle Middleton